06/12/2014 06:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Summer Camp for a Child With Special Needs: Learning New Things, Meeting New Friends and Trying Something You Never Tried!

When April starts approaching, moms around the country start getting nervous about how we are going to keep our kids entertained over the summer. Different day trips, vacations and camps start entering our minds.

If you are fortunate to live in a town where they do Kid's Expos, you can gather up all the information of what is available for your child over the summer. Everything from performing arts and music, educational, sports, environmental, historical and faith-based camps are available (and that's not even touching the surface of all that might be available).

However, if you are a mother of a child with special needs choices can be a lot more limited. But don't be afraid to ask. A lot of camps may encourage inclusion for children with special needs to take part in their camp activities with their typical peers.

We were very fortunate to have found Springhill Camps. A faith-based camp based in Michigan, that came to a local church for the week. This was our first time attending, as the church is trying to grow their special needs ministry.

Wow, what an amazing organization. They were top-notch from the very beginning. After I signed my son up and expressed the need for a one-on-one counselor, I received two phone calls. First, to let me know they will be sending me another form to get to know more about my son's needs, so they can pair him up with the perfect one-on-one counselor, and the second call was from the counselor herself, Sarah. She wanted to introduce herself, expressed her excitement about helping him and gave me some information about herself.

I was very excited about the first day. As always, I felt a few butterflies in my belly not knowing how things will go, but excited for him to experience new things.

The welcome to the campers was great. Very upbeat, smiles, music and high-fives -- couldn't ask for a better greeting. Sarah immediately came running up, excited to meet her new friend. After introductions, we went to his room with his fellow campers. A few we knew from school and our neighbor. Phone numbers were exchanged and off he went to experience summer camp the way camp should be experienced for a young boy.