05/29/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Anger Creates Change...or Does It?

Anger ... rage ... blame ... all boiling over from people dealing with their opinions on Health Care Reform to reality shows in France -- "Game of Death" where people are torturing contestants who don't get their answers right, as Anderson Cooper discussed on AC 360. The effects these powerful emotions have on us are creating herd mentality behavior -- but can anger actually benefit us - and if so, then how?

The Health Care Reform Bill has so many up in arms that people are threatening the lives and families of those who voted for the bill. Is this how conscious we have become in the 21st Century? Is this what we teach our children as a viable way to create change?

Take every point of view out of the picture just for a moment and look to see who it is that wants to attack, blame and defend. We all know how easy it is to make someone or something wrong. Will we individually add fuel to this aggressive group mentality - or can we instead...

Stop...Look...Listen...and utilize our anger as a springboard for looking deeper, for discovering new ways to transform what isn't working - and how we deal with it from the inside - so we can alter what doesn't work on the 'outside'.

In the last weeks I have been watching some pretty fascinating documentaries that demonstrate powerfully what isn't working, what we could all get really angry about. FLOW is about water and how countries around the world (and states in the US) are being deprived of managing their own water systems, not only causing fatal health problems but also a shortage of water as was the case in Maine against Nestle Corporation.

One country, Bolivia was able to cause a major conglomerate to give up and release its stranglehold through the collective resonance of people coming together to create change. It's a perfect example of how the anger people felt over the situation brought forth inspired ways of dealing with the problem, and how the impact of that created massive change.

Another eye-opening film is Food, Inc. which was up for an Academy Award this year. The resolve of what to do with the information given in this film is waiting for our anger of the situation to be fueled into inspiration. Here again is another way that anger can serve us to look deeper. Apathy doesn't work, inspiration does.

When we Stop, Look, Listen, and Connect to the Source of inspiration, we are guided to answers we couldn't find in any other way. We can bring that inspiration to a collective resonance that has great organizational and self-emergent power.

What we resonate, how we feel and the energy that creates, can be destructive - as seen on soccer stadiums when people's anger fuels mass consciousness to storm the field and hurt each other - or it can be used as a powerful tool to influence global and local change, which occurred in Bolivia when people walked the streets to demand their water back.

We can choose. No matter how you feel about the events of the day - health care, water, food - we can take our anger, and fuel it into ways that bring about a better world for all of us. We can choose to look inside first where we find the source of inspiration... we can choose how to make our anger work for us... Anger to inspiration...or apathy and ignorant bliss ... What will you choose?