06/16/2010 01:31 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Kids Can Find Power From Stillness

"Being still and doing nothing are two very different things."
-Kung Fu master speaking to student.

There's a powerful message in the new Karate Kid movie that's not only for children; it's for anyone who has ever felt powerless in dealing with their own lives or in managing the inordinate challenges that are facing the world today.

There are solutions. They're simple and they're powerful, which is exactly what every kid wants, to not feel afraid anymore. Just look at what they have to deal with every day. Bullying, which has become an epidemic, can lead to depression, drug addiction and even suicide, and that's just one of many hurdles they have to cross while growing up.

Stillness is key.

The wise janitor, (Jackie Chan) who happens to also be a Kung Fu master, tells Dre (Jaden Smith), our newest Karate Kid, that this energy that can allow him to find the courage and strength he wants, flows through everything around him, and that he can connect to it when being still.

Ancient understanding is colliding with our present day needs through stillness. Maybe now kids won't look at connecting with the source of their inner strength as a New Age concept. In the film it's spoken of as 'Chi,' this universal energy known throughout the world with a different name in every culture.

Jaden raps about wanting to feel 'the force' and Justin Bieber sings the benefits as it relates to the film's message of focus, becoming still, and getting back up when feeling defeated: "I never thought I could feel this power. I never thought I could feel this free."

Amidst all the violence in the news and films, how great is it to find stories that are not only enjoyable and entertaining, but also remind us of what we have always known and may have forgotten -- the treasure that awaits those who one day look for it, even if only because of being bullied or just wanting peace of mind.

This new version of a well-loved film has a good chance to once again win the hearts of people around the world, as it shows us how our differences can be overcome when people speak and act from the heart with an aim at ultimately peaceful solutions.

"Being still and doing nothing are two very different things."

Are we finally ready in this century to take on the simple principles of stillness, which can evoke the greatest power, to bring about a more conscious world? If not now, when there is so much is at stake for these kids to have a bright future, then when?