04/13/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

What Love Means To Me

Delicious, tantalizing, mesmerizing, absolutely stimulating in every way. Love. Everyone wants it, few know how to find it -- and know it's real if they do. We aren't taught to want love, it's a natural instinct, and from the moment we are born, if we don't get it, we spend an enormous amount of time in our lives searching for it.

In a recent interview I gave on 'Opening to Love', the questions that poured in from Greece to Tanzania, Australia to the United States, were eye opening, revealing a conversation that is truly global - our need for feeling loved.

Many people wanted to discover how to let go of deep hurts that were not allowing them to find a reconnection to love, to all kinds of love, from lovers to business and family relationships, to just caring about their work, while others wanted to know how to simply recognize love and be able to trust that it's real.

Romantic love is hopelessly glamorized everywhere we turn, movies, magazines, celebrities and novels speak of a love that exists only in the fantasies of the minds of those creating them.
I wanted that love. Who wouldn't, especially if you think it can give you that indefinable feeling? I would have been happy with just a tiny piece of it, as I never knew any of the loving affection a father can offer his child, and so after leaving my alcoholic dad and home at 16, I began to search for the love that never dies.

Is there such a thing, a love that never leaves you? Is there a love that gives you the strength to know you can find it in all the areas of your life? What have all those poets, mystics and philosophers been writing about for centuries, is there any truth in it?

When a 19 year-old experienced Stillness for the first time, she said she heard "all these angry voices" in her head, and then they began to dissolve, and suddenly she felt indescribably happy. An 87 year-old woman slowly opened her eyes and spoke of losing her fear of dying, that where she'd been could only be described as, 'heaven'. A 42 year-old CEO said he realized the last years he'd spent in depression, made sense to him now, as it was what guided him to find this well of peace inside.

Everything melts in the presence of love. All hurts, all questions, all doubt. Maybe that love we are all searching for is not so impossible to find after all, and if tapping into a place of Stillness can guide the way, it could be the game-changer we've all been waiting for.
Unforgettable, beyond compare. Love ... Love ... Love.