01/03/2013 10:20 am ET Updated Mar 05, 2013

The Rising Tide of Powerlessness

A sense of powerlessness is overtaking many people today. Similar to superstorm Sandy's insurgent waves pounding unprotected shores, financial cliffs loom in the near future, while rage against an impending economic doom circles the globe.

What can a lone individual do to stem the tide?

Years ago I was on the brink of disaster with no money to pay my mortgage, and was losing my only business, when my car was stolen and I was robbed at gunpoint. Could there be any good news in this!?

Yes, there was. I became driven to find what had eluded me my entire life -- where the depth of my strength and the clarity of what to do regardless of life circumstances -- exists. Connecting to Stillness brought answers I never imagined.

There have been times throughout history when people's options seemed as limited as those today -- it is in this moment we can choose a new destiny through the enlightened decisions we make.

This guidance clarified new beginnings through a lens of hope and a depth of peace that resonated through all my actions. My house sold in the final hour and I began taking steps toward a future that was more aligned with the life I live today.

The gift of realizing what is beyond your control is an opportunity, a reminder to accelerate and expand your connection to real power, the inner space of true peace that never changes.