10/11/2012 09:56 am ET Updated Dec 11, 2012

How To Survive Your Next Mammogram

The pink ribbons are back. Not only pink ribbons, but hats, gloves, shoes, key chains even flip flops - all a gentle reminder that it's October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month , and time to once again take a deep breath and schedule our annual mammograms. Early detection is our major line of defense in the battle against breast cancer. So call and remind a friend, or better yet, take a friend and go together. Chicken that I am, as I wrote last year, that's what I do.

It's an easy procedure to procrastinate about getting. Aside from the knowledge that we know we must, it's got very little going for it. First, there's the dreaded fear and then there's the discomfort of the exam. Do the words freezing cold and hard as steel mean anything to you?!

Going with my best pal is a great distraction. We keep each other company in the waiting room, talk about our anxieties and most of all make each other laugh. If you know me at all, you know that I'm a big believer that laughter is a great antidote to anxiety. And if I'm going to have to traipse around in that stiff paper robe and undergo that awful procedure, I'm going to want my best friend by my side to keep the giggles coming. And being there for one another is our way of committing to taking care of our own health, and each others. It's a way of saying I want to be sure I'm ok, and I want to be sure you're ok too. And then, when it's all over and we're both done, we always go out for a big lunch and big glass of wine!

So, I encourage you all to call a friend, or your sister, or maybe your mom. And for God's sake, make each other laugh! To help get the laughter part started, we've put together a little slideshow of videos, cartoons and jokes that we found on the subject.

So, take a look, have a laugh, send it to a friend and make that appointment. Because that's what friends are for!

Mammogram Humor