03/08/2013 10:16 am ET Updated May 08, 2013

10 Surprising Tips on Nutrition From the Experts

March is National Nutrition Month, and while I wouldn't call myself a bona fide health nut, I am more and more interested in knowing what's in the food I'm eating, and what my food is doing for me nutritionally. One of the worst phrases I've ever heard is "empty calories." Who wants to ingest extra calories that are doing absolutely nothing for us? But many of us are doing that on a daily basis when we consume calories from the solid fats and added sugars that are in so many processed foods and beverages.

Like they say, you are what you eat! That's why I'm always fascinated when talking to nutritionists and chefs. I love to learn surprising facts about the health benefits of different foods. For example, did you know that beans can help fight migraines? Did you know that pistachio nuts can help lower cholesterol? And did you know that strawberries have more Vitamin C than oranges? Who knew?

I've had so many wonderful guests on Mondays With Marlo -- like Dr. Oz, Joy Bauer, Rocco DiSpirito and Ellie Krieger -- all of whom have provided us with a wealth of information on health and nutrition. And I just love to share the knowledge, so here's a selection of our favorite surprising facts, healthy tips and nutritional advice from the experts.

Take a look! And take care of yourself!

National Nutrition Month