06/28/2012 03:58 pm ET Updated Aug 28, 2012

The Things They Say! Celebrities Come Clean

Sometimes, we think we know someone only to be completely surprised by the things they have to say. Celebrities from Kathy Griffin to Suze Orman and Tim Gunn have all opened up to me on my series Mondays With Marlo and shared facts that many of us never knew about them. In my Reply All Q&A series, they let us even deeper into their worlds. Like, who knew that fitness guru extraordinaire Jillian Michaels has cellulite? Or that Isaac Mizrahi dreams of running the New York Yankees? And one guest even told me she wanted to sleep with my husband! I love to be surprised by these kinds of insights. Here, I have compiled some of the more surprising answers that my guests have shared with us. Betty White's favorite pick-up line and the worst advice Michael J Fox ever got made me howl! I hope you enjoy their answers as much as I did! - MT,

Reply All: Surprising Celebrity Answers