05/06/2012 11:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Films for Your Soul: 'Riding the Invisible' (WATCH)

I remember the first time a movie spoke to my soul. I was working as a creative consultant and invited to preview a preliminary edit of Emmy Award-winning director Jan Nickman's film Echoes of Creation. As I sat in the studio, pinching myself at the opportunity of a private sneak-peak with the director himself, I really had no idea what to expect. The preview began and instantly my entire body began to resonate with a sensation I can only describe as the singing of my soul. When the preview ended, I was aware that my physical body remained seated, but I was simultaneously aware that another invisible part of me had fallen to her knees and was weeping on the floor. It took me at least three minutes to find the ability to speak in coherent sentences again.

Never before had anyone or anything spoken to my soul in such a profound way. It was truly a healing experience. As if a switch had been flipped, my intellect, with its non-stop chattering, melted away and I was transported to a sacred place buried deep within myself -- a place where I remembered who I was and why I was here. I realized immediately that I was sitting in the presence of a master filmmaker with the ability to heal humanity. The funny thing is, he would be the last person to say this about himself. As a matter of fact, when asked recently what his motivation was he said, "I just love showing people a good time," as if to say, "Doesn't everybody?"

So it is with great excitement that I share with you now the same "private sneak-peek" that I once had and invite you to take a one-of-a-kind ride to your soul. In this week's Wellness Experience™ video excerpt, you will be "riding the invisible" through the stunning beauty of Alaska. It is the second chapter from Echoes of Creation, featuring a custom music score by Grammy-nominated composer David Arkenstone. This chapter is about letting go, taking a leap of faith and freeing ourselves to see the bigger picture of the sheer magic and wonder of life.

To enhance your experience: Find a quiet moment to fully immerse yourself without interruption. If possible, expand to "full screen," HD 720p with quality speakers or stereo headphones.

This is just one of the inspirations to be found in the Wellness Experience™ film series. Two years in the making and featuring award-winning artists, it is a revolutionary new way to turn your TV, computer or mobile device into a virtual wellness center at the push of a button -- the "play" button. Each week, here on GPS For The Soul, I will share another chapter from Echoes of Creation and Sacred Earth, two films that health and wellness experts are calling "a transcendent healing experience." From ancient forests of Alaska to sacred lands of the American Southwest, each chapter will give you an entirely different experience of wellness from the next. Stress-melting, heart-soaring and soul-stirring experiences to places in which by simply being there, you are changed.

Join me next week when I share "The Most Sacred Art," the art of loving creation, a Mother's Day tribute. Until then and always, may you be blessed with "the gift of clear vision, the spirit of tenacity and the triumph of a soaring heart."

The full versions of the films are designed for repeated play for years of enjoyment and are available as a streaming rental or download-to-own. The DVD and Blu-ray disc versions are also available and offer a "With or Without Spoken Word" option, Special Features and an optional '"Continuous Play" loop setting. Available at Sacred Earth Pictures.

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