06/08/2012 07:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Films for Your Soul: Plugging in to Limitless Power (WATCH)

There is an ancient being who offers us access to limitless power and intelligence each and every day of our lives. She is approximately 3.5 billion years old and so astoundingly brilliant, she can sustain about 10 million different species of life simultaneously in a display of unmatched beauty and harmony. This ancient, wise and powerful being is our planet earth. We are connected to every aspect of her power from the moment we are born. She is more powerful than a rocket ship, more beautiful than a Monet and more harmonious than a symphony orchestra. Nature is so highly evolved, she has attained a state of perfection and intelligence we can only dream of replicating.

Although we may not be able to replicate nature's brilliance, we can always plug in to her whenever we want. As a matter of fact, this is exactly what we were designed to do. But how do we plug in to the limitless power, beauty and harmony of nature when everything in our world tells us not to? Movie studios tell us nature is a scary place where the boogeyman lives. Religion tells us nature is to be subdued and dominated. Industry tells us nature must be stripped, fracked, drilled and mined. Environmentalists tell us we are doomed if we don't stop being bad to it. Our leaders, parents and educators tell us to go inside the fabricated walls of schools, jobs, and houses. So who in the world is telling us to connect with nature in order to expand our minds, heal our bodies and soothe our souls? Emmy award-winning filmmaker Jan Nickman is telling us. Actually, he's not just telling us -- he's giving us the experience of it.

Press "Play" in this week's "Films for Your Soul" excerpt below and experience the limitless power of glaciers so deep you can fit a skyscraper into their caverns, and mountains so high you would be the size of a pinhead next to them. Allow the brief spoken word to occupy your intellect as a deeper part of you rises from within. Free your soul as you soar over the majestic mountains and colossal glaciers of Alaska and contemplate their massive power. Remember who you are: a part of them -- not apart from them. No matter where you are at this very moment, you have been given the ability to connect with the limitless power of nature from the moment you were born. It is your birthright. You are brilliantly designed to plug in and utilize this power to change yourself, to change your world... to dream the impossible.

To enhance your viewing experience: Find a quiet moment to fully immerse yourself without interruption. Expand to "full screen," HD 720p and use quality speakers or stereo headphones.

"The Impossible Awakening" is an excerpt from Echoes of Creation by Emmy award-winning director Jan Nickman, featuring music by Grammy-nominated composer David Arkenstone and spoken word by Karen Hutton. A year in the making, it is part of a revolutionary new Wellness Experience™ film series that turns your TV, computer or mobile device into a virtual wellness center at the push of a button -- the "play" button. Each week, here in the GPS for the Soul section, I will share another excerpt from Echoes of Creation and it's companion film Sacred Earth, two of the Wellness Experience™ films that health and wellness experts are calling "a transcendent healing experience."

The full version of Echoes of Creation is designed for repeated play for years of enjoyment and is available as a streaming rental or download-to-own. The DVD and Blu-ray disc versions are also available at Sacred Earth Pictures and offer a "With or Without Spoken Word" option, Special Features and an optional '"Continuous Play" loop setting.

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