11/07/2014 07:50 am ET Updated Jan 07, 2015

As If.

As if.

The Democrats are the ones causing gridlock. 

The Republicans have not had an obstructionist agenda for the past 6 years. 

The midterm election was a referendum on something other than Republican fear tactics.
The economy has not come back robustly. 

The wealthy will use tax cuts to create jobs now, despite never having done it in the past. 

Voter fraud, not vote suppression, is a pressing issue.

No Republican policy is guided solely by self interest. 

The Koch brothers are altruistic humanitarians. 

Chris Christie -- and Marco Rubio and Rand Paul -- are presidential timber. 

The financial disasters of 2008 were Obama's fault. 

The rich will pay to repair and replace our collapsing infrastructure.

The people who complain that government doesn't work aren't the ones who broke it. 

It was Mission Accomplished in Iraq when GWB walked out the door. 

Donald Trump is an insightful philosopher.
Dick Cheney is a human being.

Racism is a distant memory.
The media has a sense of history and context -- and focuses on its public trust, rather than ratings. 

There is actually a liberal media.

The major corporate news organizations are not a bunch of horse-race-obsessed stenographers. 

Every scientist who promotes the threat of man-made climate change is part of a secret conspiracy with an anti-business agenda. 

The battle against women's choice is about women's health.

Corporations have our best interests at heart.

As if.