01/18/2009 10:40 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Live from Sundance

Ahh, Saturday, here in Park City, I think it was the Fourth of ....

OK, enough with the clever 70s Chicago references (particularly because that band was so criminally lame; we used to say that, if you let one of their songs play in your car, it took 3 hours off the life of the car radio).

Anyway, yesterday was a five-movie day. Seeing five movies in a day at Sundance (and doing an interview: director James Toback of Tyson) means a couple of things. You're lucky (to get into everything that you want to see - and to make it around Park City with enough speed to get there in time). And you're exhausted by the end of the day. Both obtain in this case.

I felt even luckier. For one thing, I actually got a couple of meals in, including a terrific plate of pulled pork at a semi-fast-food BBQ joint for dinner. For another, got to hang and chat with the outrageously talkative Toback (who can say more in 10 minutes than most people can say in an hour - and do so articulately), as well as with the always-entertaining Jeffrey Wells, author of the Hollywood Elsewhere blog (

On the other hand, wound up staying up until well after midnight on the phone with tech support for the wireless provider for this hotel where I'm staying out at Kimball Junction. No solution, ultimately, was provided except the suggestion, "Get yourself an Ethernet cable."

Which I've now done at 5:45 a.m. - to no avail. Still no connectivity. I've left a phone message at the service provider - but the voicemail message says that they're not even open on Sunday.

On the other hand, having watched Senor Wells in action - his laptop and digital camera always poised no matter where he is, his senses seemingly attuned to the presence of a Wifi signal - it may behoove me to finally truly join the ranks of the digerati and shlep my laptop with me today so I can actually post this. I've tried to avoid the urge to post when and wherever I pleased - but that may just be the antiquated print-media beast that still lurks within me, digging in its heels.

So, later today, an experiment: posting as I see things. Meanwhile, many thanks to the lovely ladies Lina Plath and Clare Ann Conlon of Frank PR, who lent me a laptop from which I could post yesterday in their suite at the headquarters Marriott.

On to yesterday's movies: