02/20/2013 05:38 pm ET Updated Apr 22, 2013

Do You 'Have It All' and Still Have Something Missing?

As I work with people in my role as a life coach and focus on their dreams, goals and desires, I am struck with what seems to be a collective unrest. But you have your dream life, right? You have it all, don't you?

There seems to be a quest is toward a seemingly-impossible dream, and the journey is exhaustive.

Even when all seems to be in order on the outside, there remains a longing and an unsatisfied yearning for an unidentified quality that will comfort, connect and center a person. For example:

You are working four hours a week so you have plenty of "quality time" for relationships
You have virtual assistants, a Kindle and an iPhone.
You are pulling in "six to seven figures" of income, even now in this economic downturn.
You are platinum, joyful, conscious, middle-aged, happy, soulful, and spirited.

You have thousands of "friends" on social networks and ideal clients galore.
You look younger than your real age.
You have a spiritual guide, coach, personal trainer, and a mentor.
You eat organically and have been to Italy.
You know your blood type, your personality type, your enneagram and your astrological signs.

You are sexy in a good way. You are free, fashionable and laugh at political humor.
You know who Paul Simon is, how the say the Pledge of Allegiance and have been through air-raid drills.
You have been Googled, Twittered, tweeted, pinned, poked and launched.
You've lost weight and gained insight.
You meditate, concentrate, rarely hesitate and even more rarely procrastinate.

You've been on retreat and to a spa.
You have been vegetarian, vegan and/or macrobiotic.
You have started to cook with coconut milk.
You know what I mean when I say, "tap to free your emotions."
You reduce, reuse and recycle. You re-create and recreate.

You understand what "sustainability is a green issue" means.
You know that money isn't everything, but that it sure helps a lot.
You are old enough to be a grandparent, yet your kids have no inclination toward creating a family the way you have known them.
Or, you are a grandparent and the grand kids represent seven different countries around the world.

And you tell me something is still missing. I have always been curious, and my curiosity is ignited. I wonder:

• Where is the love?
• Where is your love?
• What do you love?
• Who do you love?
• Do you love your self?
• Can you be still?
• Can you smile and laugh out loud?
• Can you do without, with less, or with just enough?
• Can you cry?
• Can you allow pain to penetrate your resistance to being really happy?
• Are you willing to keep going?
• Do you welcome fear as a friend who can help?

Somewhere within this precocious curiosity of mine dwells my personal work as well as my professional work. I help people who are external successes and internal messes find that missing link between having it all and being free to enjoy it, because love is at the center of it all.

An old lady told me once that love is the only thing that matters. I believe her, and so I wonder if there is more love awaiting your discovery. I mean deep abiding love that is unconditional, forgiving and compassionate. Ask yourself the questions above and see what you discover for yourself.

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