08/27/2013 01:37 pm ET Updated Oct 27, 2013

Early Morning Meditation: First Things First

We have been in a monumental process of uncluttering our garage after stashing stuff for over 30 years. It is awesome in its magnitude. We have stuff from our grandparents, parents, our kids and stuff no one recognizes. We also are looking for "precious" things we cannot seem to find. The "important" things we have always loved and valued.

During my early morning meditation today I made a vow to find what is lost. What I came up with surprised even me. Here is what came to me:

Today I will find peace in chaos. Love within fear. Beauty in the ordinary. Forgiveness in expectations. Gratitude for the struggles. Generosity in the face of lack. Plenty in not enough. Joy in sorrow. Simplicity in the complex. Movement within inertia.

Today I will find laughter in tears. Goodness in suffering. Delight within differences. Relaxation in tension. Softness in rigidity. Gentleness in harshness. Comfort in despair. Miracles in the ordinary. Hope in hopelessness. The power of surrender in grief. Light in the darkness. Healing within being wounded. Kindness in authenticity. Happiness in the mundane.

Today I will find possibility in the impossible. Health within sickness. Purity in the polluted. Clarity in confusion. Prayer in the unfocused moments. Confidence in doubt. Acceptance in the unacceptable. Courage in the face of the unknown. Endurance in fatigue. Harmony in discord. Relief from pain. Love in the unlovable. Belief in the unbelievable.

Today I will find freedom in fear. Today I will find my spare keys.

Because first things do go first, I will first wash my face, comb my hair and eat a little breakfast. I will play some fun music. I will start the laundry, do the dishes, and make the beds. I will sweep the floors and then wash the floors on my hands and knees. I like to wash my floors that way. I will vacuum the rugs. I will clean the litter box. I will clean all AROUND the litter box too. I will dust the furniture and open the windows. I will straighten the pictures on the walls. How do they get slanted like that? I will empty the trash.

Then I will sit down quietly for a rest and I will pray to Saint Anthony, the patron Saint of miracles, who helps me find what is lost.

What is precious to you? Do you know where it is? How will you find it if it is lost?

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