Upbeat Songs to Calm Your Pre-Wedding Jitters

07/24/2013 05:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Whether you prep for your big day at home or at your venue, a proper soundtrack (along with bobby pins, hair spray, and double-stick tape) is an essential part of the getting-ready process. So here are our favorite songs to put you and your bridal party in a happy mood before you walk the aisle. Extra points if you use a hairbrush as a microphone.

1. "Chapel of Love" -- The Dixie Cups
It could be the most no-duh getting ready song ever, thanks to lyrics like "Gee, I really love you, and we're gonna get married." For a faster-paced doo-wop update, download Bette Midler's version.

2. "Countdown" -- Beyonce
Queen Bey has written her fair share of breakup anthems, but this syncopated jam is all about being gleefully in love. And she samples Boyz II Men! Nothing not to like here.
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3. "Marry You" -- Bruno Mars
Consider it the guy version of "Chapel of Love": a joyous pre-aisle-walking song expertly sung by the slick Hawaiian crooner.
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4. "I Love You Always Forever" -- Donna Lewis
This sugar-coated throwback-is it okay to call a song from 1996 a throwback?! -- is totally irresistible, because, well, come on, you still know every single word.

5. "Say A Little Prayer for You" -- Aretha Franklin
The Queen of Soul sang my favorite recording of this Burt Bacharach and Hal David Tune (originally penned for Dionne Warwick), but if you really want to go crazy, try the My Best Friends' Wedding version led by Rupert Everett.

6. "Vogue" - Madonna
It's practically impossible to get ready for any event without at least one of Madge's classics playing in the background, are we right? This ode to glamour definitely fits the bill.

7. "Oh Boy" -- Miss Li
This zany little ditty starts off with a simple piano beat, then crescendos into brass, drums and Miss Li's awesome vocal riffs. It's just plain adorable.

8. "The Shoop Shoop Song" -- Betty Everett
Though many have covered this song since it's 1964 version, the original by Everett captures the cheery melody best. Added bonus: Your musically-inclined bridesmaids can sing along as you lead the call-and-response verses.

9. "Pretty Girl Rock" -- Keri Hilson
It's tough to find an cheeky empowerment anthem more appropriate for a beauty session with your girlfriends than one that boats, "Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful."