08/28/2006 05:47 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Baby We Can Drive This Karr...

John Mark Karr is apparently not to be charged in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey...

And now for the deluge... More, breathless wall-to-wall coverage of how law enforcement got it wrong. All justified by the media's standard-issue Teflon defense that "the public is interested" in finding out who killed this hapless child.

Tragic as it was that a child was murdered - she was merely one of many children who are murdered every year. None of whom get more than a heartbeat of coverage from the national media. The media interest in her was because she was young, female, blonde and most of all - had plenty of videotape. Mostly images of her dolled up (by her mother) to look like a young Vegas hooker.

Shame on the media for inflating what was (in real news terms) purely a LOCAL news story - of prurient interest to the inhabitants of Boulder - into a national obsession.

I'm far more interested in accountability for the deaths that occurred five years ago on 9//11 and one year ago after Hurricane Katrina. Men, women and children. The vast majority of whom did NOT have videotape of themselves cavorting in jailbait outfits on a catwalk.

Let's see if the media invests one fraction of the time it has squandered in the past ten days on this pointless non-story in asking some extraordinarily simple, unanswered questions that millions of Americans are still waiting to hear about.

1) Precisely what actions were taken by the President and his administration after the President received a CIA briefing on August 6th 2001 entitled: "Bin Laden Determined To Strike In US"?

2) Precisely how many FBI man-hours were put into investigation of prospective terrorists after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing - compared to... oh let's just say (for purposes of comparison) the number of FBI man-hours put into investigation of alleged crimes by Bill & Hillary Clinton from 1993-2001?

3) Precisely what improvements were undertaken by the administration of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani during the years 1993-2001 in improving the communication systems of the New York Fire Department and Police Department - and their ability to cross-communicate in an emergency - after they had been discovered to be seriously deficient during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing?

4) Precisely what were the Federal emergency rescue plans for New Orleans that had been developed to deal with a possible terrorist attack (after 9/11) or a flood situation in the event of a breach of the levees caused by violent weather?

And there are many more questions for the media to ask - but I have no expectation that it will seek answers. There's no "art" of wild-eyed whack-jobs chugging back airline champagne (such a luxury!) and no kiddie-porn images to go with the story.

Just thousands of unglamorous, faceless cadavers. And stories that take hard work, courage and persistence to report. We all know that the mainstream TV news outlets and shows will happily wait for the next "JonBenet", "Laci" or "Natalie" to gorge upon - all served up with that furrowed-brow faux concern for the victim.

Same ol' media-ocrity...