07/30/2015 02:09 pm ET Updated Jul 29, 2016

The Art of Living: Lights, Camera and Action!

The key to living the life you always dream of is to first clearly know what you truly desire and the type of person you want to become.

To find out what you really want, you can start off by telling someone or simply writing on a piece of paper little stories of how you see your future, this way you can start waking up your curiosity at the idea of what would happen if you became that person you always dream of becoming. By doing this simple exercise, you will discover small details about your desires that perhaps were not defined, or you migth even feel new emotions and illusions that will catch your interest and enthusiasm at the prospect of a promising future. Today, I propose that you do a fun and convenient exercise to help direct you towards that destination.

Imagine you're a filmmaker and you're ready to tell your friends, family and co-workers about the film you are about to shoot. In your mind you already have the forms, the colors, the plot, surprises, and all the details of what you want to tell in order to make your movie a great success.

To do this exercise, you must first imagine that you are not only directing the film, but you are also playing the role of the main actor, and best of all, you will also be writing and producing all the adventures you will be encountering in order to make your story interesting and a box office success. By the way, visualizing your future in detail means going beyond the limitations or assumptions of how you will get to the final outcome with the situations you're living right now, and also avoiding playing into the hands of doubts and insecurities that you might have. To awaken your imagination, you'll have to leave your comfort zone and navigate into the depth of your innerself in order to discover what your true intentions and dreams are, and what kind of stories, adventures, dramas and loves you would like to live.

To help the process of directing your life story, here are five techniques that any filmmakers follow:

1. First, think of a particular personal or professional goal you have and focus on understanding what are the real reasons you have for achieveing this goal. This step will help you to discover which are the main motivations that lie behind each one of your wishes so you can awake your imagination and creativity to find a path to them.

2. Another technique that can help you to have more clarity about the film you want to direct is to visualize your dreams as if they have happened or become reality. Imagine you've been given a magic wand where your desires instantly become real. To do this exercise you have to relax, breathe deeply and close your eyes. When you visualize your future, pay attention in great detail to what you feel when you've finally reached your goal. Try to make sure that each of these emotions remain registered in your heart and at the same time try to see if your dream comes true and if it has had a positive impact on the people around you. This feeling will make you feel better and more motivated to continue creating your own movie.

3. Once a film director has a clear vision of the story he/she wants to tell, you have to start defining what are the most important parts of the story. In your case, you can start telling your movie in different ways, loudly (and if you do so I recommend you take notes or record for later use as a reference and discover problems that previously hadn't noticed), writing your story on a paper (one of the most powerful techniques to disect and see details), or even drawing a picture of your life like a 'vision board' with the whole plot of the story. Imagine in detail every step of the way, the most important achievements that you will conquer, and also the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome. At the same time, consider what were the best moments you lived, but also what where the most difficult moments you went through. I am sure your movie will be great!

4. Once you have a clear idea about the story you want to tell, visualize it in great detail, and have a more concrete idea about the film, then it is time to make that story come true. As a good director, you need to find major and minor characters. Remember that you already have the leading role. Try to find who can be your mentors to inspire and guide you along the way, who are your collaborators and assistants, but also anticipate those who oppose your movie and may become your enemies. Assign each person in your team a certain role, and try to create a plan to overcome obstacles that may come along the way.

5. Finally, when you already have your script writen, have a feel for how your film will be, and can count on all the characters in your story, you just need to take the most important step of all: start recording and acting. You have now reached the moment of truth: to start making the story of your life a reality.

I'm certain your story will be a huge success because you already have everything you need to be the best director, the best actor, and the best writer. Therefore, I wish you the best of luck and all that remains for me to say is: "Lights, Camera and Action!"