02/26/2015 02:51 pm ET Updated Apr 28, 2015

6 Steps For Moms to Help Make Time For Mommy Care

In today's fast-paced world, mothers are facing new daily challenges all the time. From morning to night, she is on-call for her family. A mom has a keen sense and a dynamic drive that allows her to get everything done each day.

While each day a mom makes sure her family's to-do list is done, she often struggles to find time for herself. Without mommy care, fatigue can set in and energies may deplete causing a physical breakdown. In between dealing with all of the family situations that seem to turn up without any notice, a mom needs to set aside some time for herself so she won't become overwhelmed. Finding some moments for yourself in the day is a challenge. But if you set aside some mommy care time it will help you rejuvenate, have more clarity, and plan ahead for the next few days. Here are six helpful steps to take with you on your mothering journey.

1) Be More Aware

Moms need to be more aware of how they feel. You can keep going until you experience burnout. If you don't take care of yourself, you won't be helping your family in the long haul. It's important to begin some kind of doable mommy care process that suits your needs to ensure well-being.

2) Manage Your Day

Being overwhelmed with all the parts of your family life that need addressing on a daily basis can make it hard to get to your list of to-dos. Pick the three most important items on your list and begin doing them, adding a fun twist (e.g. listen to music or a motivational talk). You will begin to give yourself the encouragement to accomplish all that you need to do while taking pride in empowering yourself and your family.

3) Motivate and Expedite

Daily distractions and unexpected interruptions can sidetrack you and pull you away from what you set out to do. When you are doing a chore or errand, set your alarm clock for how long you feel you should complete it in. It helps you to stay on your game and feel good about what you need to do. It's a new discipline. After awhile, it will come naturally to you.

4) Learn the Lessons Needed

Remember that everyone's life is different. You must take the necessary actions to learn what will work best for your family. Even if you do something wrong, you will learn from your mistake and have the best chance to succeed as a parent.

5) Be True to Who You Are

Do things that are true to who you are. Being true to who you are is living by the values that mean something to you. Those values will take root for your children and become a part of who they are.

6) Unplug

Carve out some quiet time as part of your mommy care routine. Use this downtime to reflect on the improvements you're making with gratitude for your strides. This will also help you to become mentally stronger. There will be times when you won't feel your best and these are important moments to unplug.

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