02/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

19th & Constitution: Lining up for the Concert of a Lifetime

19th and Constitution: The roads are closed; people from all directions are streaming towards the security portals on their way to the Lincoln Memorial and the kick off uber-star studded concert. Security is tight, once inside the security tents you are instructed to open your jackets and go through a search of your bags before you can start down the path towards the Lincoln Memorial

Greeting the throngs are local, national and international volunteers in red hats directing, answering questions and adding a cheerful welcome to passersby waiting in lines that continue to build. Standing next to a welcome sign were Lisa Macey, Fairfax, VA and PJ Sands-Johnson from the Bahamas. Sands-Johnson is part of the 60 person Bahama for Obama volunteer group staying in local homes and hotels for their 5 day Washington DC stint. PJ attended Barnard College in NYC and has her own event company in the Bahamas. She also celebrates her 32nd birthday on Tuesday, making this all the more poignant.