09/12/2013 10:57 am ET

Mary Anne Kluth on the ImageBlog

“Hills rose on each side, often high and steep, and in places the valley widened, showing that much more water once existed there. High terraces indicated the shores of an ancient lake. These terraces were most beautiful and made a remarkable contrast with the rugged rocky hills behind.”
P. 135
Archival inkjet print on Hahnemuhle paper, printed at Kala Art Institute
36 x 48 inches

An image made entirely out of digital photos of theme park landscapes to match the description, taken from Up and Down California in 1860-1864: the journal of William H. Brewer, edited by Francis P. Farquhar, 4th Ed., which is used as a title. The composition is based on Asher Brown Durand’s God’s Judgment Upon Gog, (1851).