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Diary of a Beatlemaniac: 50 Years Later

Caution: The following contains love sick drool along with reflection on the Beatlemania phenomenon being celebrated this year. It contains transcriptions written with poor spelling, fair grammar, and terrible punctuation, written first-hand by a teenager {me} in a Beatle diary. It chronicles excerpts from eighteen months of my obsession at that time {and present commentary in brackets} from February 22, 1964. This date marks just over two weeks after I had emerged out my stupor from watching the Fab Four on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9th, through August 12, 1965, the summer I attended the August 15th Beatles concert at Shea Stadium in Queens, New York. Fifty years later, I'm 64, and television, radio, Internet, and social media continue a year long 50th anniversary buzz with celebrations, articles and interviews about the lives and music of The Beatles and their long and winding road. I'm still smitten.

I hadn't thought about my Beatle diary. It was somewhere, stuffed in a box with other Beatle mementos. Caught up again in Beatle awe and wonder, taking in all of the stories about that-was-then-and-this-is-now, I knew I had to find my two hand-written composition notebooks, and discover my first hand voice from that era and the girl that would later become me.

What I found was innocence, tenacity, imaginings and some predictions that actually have come true. Note: I have set in bold text the words that illustrate my lack of language arts skills at the time. In my teen self defense, I think I was writing faster than I was thinking, there was no editing on my part, and I was dealing with, what was at the time, undiagnosed dyslexia.


I had taped the record jacket from The Beatles 45 RPM single, "I Want To Hold Your Hand" to the inner cover of the first volume of this diary as a pocket for some of my Beatle memorabilia. {A 45? A a medium-sized black plastic record disc with a donut like label and a big hole in the center played on a record player with a diamond needle that, set in the grooves, produces sound. Where's that record, now?} I found ticket stubs from The Beatles' New York Paramount Theater and Shea stadium concerts among other rare items in that pocket.

I was a bit hesitant to read the ramblings of a fourteen year old who proudly took on the moniker and attributes of a Beatlemaniac. What I wrote then, in all my teenage fantasies, opinions, and observations are for me, worth the laughter, tears and cringe factor you are about to witness. Follow me on this "Magical Mystery Tour" of snippets of my Beatlemaniac diary.


February 22, 1964

Who are the Beatles? My children in many years may ask me this question. You never know.

Well this is how it goes - The Beatles are four young men - In 1964 There ages are: Paul McCartney - 22, Ringo Starr - 24, George Harrison - 20 (his 21st birthday is on Feb. 25), John Lennon - 24

At this time John is the only one married. His wife is Cynthia Lennon. They have one son. John plays the harmonica and rythum guitar. He sings and helps write there songs with Paul. He's not that good looking, but as you can see he is very talented. He comes from Liverpool England.

George is not too good looking either, but is also very talented. He plays the lead guitar, and sings. He comes from Liverpool too.

Ringo is not Mr. Starr's real name. His real name is Richard Starkey. He got his last name from his real last name (Starkey). His first name is Ringo, because he wears 3 - 6 sings at one time. He loves rings. He is not too good looking either. But as all the rest - very talented. He plays the drums and sings. He also was born in Liverpool England.

Last - but not least - is Paul McCartney. Paul is very good looking. As the teens put it he's cute - a real doll! Also born in Liverpool, he lives with his brother and father. His mother died when he was 14. He - also is very talented. He plays the bass guitar and sings. He writes there songs with John.

These guys are really great - It is so so hard to explain how fabulos they are on paper. But I'll try: When they came to N.Y. they sang at Carnigie hall. In Wash. D.C. at the Colosuim. When they left thousands apon (and I mean apon) thousands went to see them off. When they left Florida for N.Y. they had to go to the airport in a meat truck. Because theyd be ripped a part. Girls faint, scream cry over them. All you hear is Beatles - Beatles - Beatles - All over the world. As the Englihs put it - Everyones got Beatlemania! One of the things that make them so well loved and famous is there hair! Its the way they wear it. (They all have brown hair, Paul - black). Its called The Beatles hair cut or mop top.

It's crazy but we love it. When they sing, they shake there heads and that really gets us. I bought there 1st album "Meet the Beatles". Its great!! When they left N.Y.C. in Feb. (Feb. 21) I cryed like a baby - I go hysterical - I cry when I see them on T.V. - hear my album - I just have to talk about them enough, out roll the tears. I really love them so and I dought I'll ever meet them - no less see them in person. My big wish is to see them in person when they come to the Worlds' Fair in August or September. My birthday is in Aug. and thats the present I'm asking for.

May 1, 1964:

I have just found out that the Beatles will be at The Forest Hills Stadium (Not the World's Fair).
There coming to New York Aug. 19. Leaving 30th (I think). At Forest Hills on the 28 - 29 Clara and I are going to go.

June 19, 1964:

Clara & I sent for tickets for the Forest Hills performance of the Beatles. Our request was refused. All the tickets were sold out!! The Day I found out this I cryed. I couldn't eat, bearly sleep, or scarly talk. Boy - Everything happens to me! I bought 2 other Beatle albums. "Introducing the Beatles" & "The Beatles 2nd Album." There great.

America is going Beatle Wacky. Jut listen to what they're selling:
Beatle pins, Seat shirts, Towels, Buttons, Psoters, Wigs, Dolls, Hats, Magaines, Books, Scarfs, Jewerly, Cards, Sneakers, Boots, Boys Suits, Head Bands, LollyPops, Cakes, Toy Drums, Toy Harmonicas, Lunch Kits, Wall Paper, Post Cards, Dresses, Pins, Belts, Bows, Nylons, Talc Powder, Cups, Looseleafs and Pencil Cases, Pokcet Books and Wallets, Guitars, Shorts, Costumes.

John Lennon wrote a Book called, "In His Own Write." It includes poems, short stories, and pictures. All done by him. It is selling well.

Many American groups have followed the Beatles. Many English groups are doing the same.

Paul McCartney has a girlfriend. And he has admitted it! Her name is Jane Asher she is (in 1964) 17 years old. She's a model and actress and also very pretty. She has long strawberry blonde hair. Its very straight. Many say there married and this could be true!?! Who knows.

George has a girlfriend, too. But its not as serious as Paul's love. She's Patty Boyd. Also an actress. I think she's 20 years old. She is pretty too. Also with straight, blond hair.

It has been said that Ringo has a girlfriend too, named Maureen Cox. But he just occasionally dates her. (Just a friend). She has brown hair, and is a beautician.

The Beatles just made a movie called "A Hard days Night." It will premire on August 11, 1964 in New York City. I might be going to see it that day if I win a ticket.

They have a new album out. It's the sound track of their new, first movie - and the album is called "A Hard Day's Night."

July 12, 1964

I got the Beatles new album. Its great! My cousin "Mary Lou's husbands to be's sister-in-law has a friend who's boyfreined has money and knows a lot of people. He's getting 6 tickets for 120 dollars. (Each ticket is 20 dollars BUT after the show (at forest hills) they are getting a Personal Interview with the Beatles. Boy- Any luckier you can't get!!! If I can save up $20.00 in time, I can gog - Oh I hope I can go - Please - let me go!!!


When the Beatles first came to America they were on Ed Sulivna's T.V. show. 3 times in a row. They were great (of course!). Now, on July 13, Sunday the first show they were on will be on T.V. (on Ed Sulivan) again. Of course I'm gonna go and watch it. I'll die, scream, and everything else.

I heard that the Beatles will be at some place called the "Charity Gala Metropolitan House." Not too much has been said about it, but I've got to find out. Here are some clippings on the Beatles just to show you just what they can do, just by showing there face.

July 15, 1964

Well, I dought if I can go see the Beatles with Marylou's friend. Oh - well - I'm used to this hard luck when it has to do with the Beatles! But maybe my luck is beginning. The people that are going to forest hills are going to try to get me an autograph and picture directly - straight - to me - from "RINGO" - Yes Ringo Starr. Coming to think of it - if I do get it - then I am pretty lucky - that's if I get it!

I'm going to call up Murray the K {popular New York DJ at the time who considered himself the, "Fifth Beatle"} and see if he knows anything about the Charity gala metropolitan house

July 21, 1964

I entered a contest to win a ticket to the Beatles' Movie Premiere. I lost of course, I can expect to win cause I never do - oh well - Tomorrow the tickets for it go on sale I might go to get 2, I hope.

July 22, 1964

I got 2 tickets. I met alot of girls there. Most of the Beatlemaniacs liked Ringo. (He's the Best). Boy, all the pushing and screaming!! When I went up for the tickets I just couldn't speak - the man said - well what ones do you want? I finally said - Sa-Sa- seven o'clock. I couldn't believe it. Oh boy - its at the Luxor Theatre. I can't wait!! They gave you silvonere tags to show everyone you have tickets! Here's one (I have three of them) Premere is August 11, 1964.


July 26, 1964

My aunt Nita's friend went to get her nose fixed at Big doctors hospital. She called and said the Ringo's coming to N.Y. to get his nose fixed. He suposto come on the 18th of August with the group to tour the U.S. but he's coming sooner to get his nose fixed. No body knows about it but if I find out where and when I'll be there. I'm gonna go to see him. I hope I can. I love Ringo!!

We'll here they are - Yes the girlfriends and wife of the Beatles. When George went on his vacation this summer Patty went with him. Jane went with Paul and I don't know about Ringo. He has other girlfriends, too. But not Paul. Maybe just for kicks but its really Jane in his heart!
George ocasinally dates others but his favorite is Patty.

I don't mind Cynthia Lennon cause she married John when he was no body. She really loves him. Jane must like Paul by now. But she started to cause of his money. She's cuter than this. She's a doll! Patty is very cute too. Better than this picture. She proably wants his money, too. But she doesn't bother me as much.

As for Maureen. Eck! I hate you. She's ugly to me. She just wants his money. That's all. Ringo just can't realize this. I hope he does! A columnist said that Maureen is now Ringo's personal secretary and he made her quit her beautician gob. (Who knows?)

July 27, 1964

My aunt found out the hospital where Ringo's gonna be but she doesn't know when this week he'll be there. I'm gonna call to see if he's there and I send a letter. I hope to see him.

July 29, 1964

I called the hospital (Ringos) and they said there was a Sally Starr there. It must be him! The doctor had to do a very important operation today. It must be him! I know it! Dad is taken Clara and me to the Hospital Tomorrow. He said he would - I hope so.

August 9, 1964

Maybe Ringo was at the Hospital in N.Y. and maybe he wasn't. I don't know - cause I never went down town to find out! I don't want to think about it! I'm gonna call up Murray the K (rock and roll disjacky) and find out just where the Beatles will be on Sept. 20. I've just gotta go - Murray should know about that performance! {August 11, I attended the premiere of Hard Day's Night. It ran simultaneously in various New York theaters}


August 12, 1964

This is the other half of the ticket to the Beatle's premire movie. It was very good. Great in fact. I really can't explain it was to much! I've gotta go with Clara and see it 50 million more times. (Well - a lot more times anyway!) I'm gonna take moving pictures of the movie. It was just fabulous. I like George a lot now. But Ringo is still the best!

August 17, 1964

The Beatles are coming the 19th to California. They'll be hear soon! I'm trying to get tickets for them for Sept. 20 - Metropolitan Opera House - I heard the tickets were $25 to $250 - if they really are - Bye - Bye Beatles! this tour. Anyway there coming back for a Christmas show - Good - I'll get tickets then. I'll just have to!!!! There starting there new picture in Feb - I can't wait! I'm entering a contest to win tickets to a Beatles show - Draw a picture of the Biggest Beatle - Cutest, Funniest - must be original. I hope I win - Clara is gonna to try to.

This is the way I like the Beatles - Of course I first like Ringo. Next comes George. (I never liked him 2nd but after the movie - I couldn't help it. He' so sexy and cute. I love they way he flirts. Then comes Paul and John (together).

August 18, 1964

Reports every hour on the radio the Beatles American Tour on 1010 WINS. When I hear them I fell like crying - why? I just don't know.

My father said that when the Beatles come back near Christmas (December) he met a ticket agent and this man said he'd get tickets for me. I'm not saying anything until I know I can get them. August 21, 1964

I am reading a newspaper that the Beatles will be at a hotel, on the 28 & 29 of this month called, The Lincoln Square Motor Inn on West 66th Street in Manhattan. I can't wait to tell Clara! We can leave Friday morning in the train with my father {on his way to work} at 6:00 AM) and go to the hotel - I hope I can go. Clara can sleep over from Thursday. We better start saving for carfare and such. I hoep we go.

August 22, 1964

Yesterday Clara, Dee Dee, and I went to see "A Hard Day's Night" again (Dee Dee's first time.) It was great. Even better than before. This time, the third time, there was no screaming at tall! {trying to be all things English?}. After the first two matinee showings, adults came in. Its night time then, your not allowed to scream. Evertying was quiet and so we understood and cauht all the jokes. It was realty histerical! When I see it again, I'm gonna take moving pictures. George is very sexy - speaks very well. Ringo is all around - comedy is fab with him - he's just great - Good actor too. Paul's OK - just really only has looks. John is very funny in his comedy too. I can't wait till they come to New York - I hope to see them!

August 28, 1964

Oh well - the Beatles are here - I say it this way because I thought I'd go downtown to see them. My Mum and Pop said no. They were afraid I'd get hurt! I don't care - even if I did! As long as I saw them. Just to see them, to hear them, to breathe the very air they breathe! As I walk along the ground I think so near get so far! They are walking along this same soil! N.Y.C. soil!
This may sound stupid but it's the closest I've come to them and I think this will be the closest ever. My girlfriend Pat gave me the name of a bird from England and she will give me a Pen-Pal form Brittian. I mailed her a letter. I hope she answers back! {He did. He was from Leeds. We wrote for a few years}.


This morning ten o'clock, I heard a report from the Beatles hotel and Ringo and George were talking - I said to my mother "why didn't you let me go down there - Everybody is there." I then walked into the bathroom and couldn't hold back - I just cryed! I couldn't help it! I just wish I had them standing near me - Even just in my view! Oh well - I just don't have the luck.

I got a ticket blank to send my check with to see the Beatles at the Paramount. The $5 tickets are sold out. The next is $10. I don't know how I'll get the money up but I'll sure try.

Clara too! Maryann and her sister Carol will try too! I hope we go, were going to make a plan to see and grab the Beatles (after the show).

Still listening ot the radio. Geroge is talking now. I feel like crying now - Gerge is beautiful. Clara just called - she's got the $10. I don't - not yet anyway. I hope I can get it so Clara and I can go.

I just mailed the check for the Paramont Theatre to see the Beatles! I hope we get tickets, please.

Ringo was ripped and pulled at when he came to N.Y. He lost his St. Christopher medal from his chain. He was very sad. He had it since he was 21 and never took it off. It was lost now and he wanted to die! A girl and her 3 friends found it. This afternoon they brought it to him. He thanked them and kissed them all. He kept kissing the girl who really found it. She could't even speak. She didn't know what to say! When he said, Thank you, she said "That's alright." Boy is she and her friends lucky. But I tkink they deserved it - they found it - and returned it! Paul McCartney kissesd them too. Boy - do I wish I were in her shoes. Icryed - I cryed - cause I heard them kiss them, I cryed cause I wished I were her. I love him - Ringo - I love you! I know Clare and I will get the tickets. I just know it! When will I know? The tickets were $10 each. I just saw Ringo kiss that girl (Angela McGowen) on T.V. He hid the kiss with his coat. She looked like she would die. She was cute too.

Sept. 3, 1964

Well, I think I'll get to see the Beatles after all! Unless I move to China or somewhere or get solitary confinement for the next month, I won't see them - But if I don't get in ot any of those things (which I dought I will) nothing will stop me - you'll see - you'll remember. I sent for tickets to see the Beatles (with Clara) at the Paramount Theatre. This show is for Cerebal Palsy. Well, I received a notice from them and they said they'd send me our tickets as soon as their printed. Yippy!!! I can't wait to go - to see them, to here them, to breathe the very air they breathe - that's all I want! I love them. Ringo, George, John, and Paul - Believe me, I love you all!

Sept. 4, 1964

I entered a contest to win tickets to the Beatles Performance (Sept. 20) You had to write in 25 words or less WHY I WANT TO MEET THE BEATLES. Well, my paragraph went like this. (PS: If you win you get to meet them, see them, perform, and eat with them and socialize with them after the show. Here goes):

"The Beatles project their personalities. 2 ways - on the stage and off. I'd like to know them not only as performers but as individuals as well."

I know I won't win but I tried!!!

Sept. 8, 1964

Remember that story about the girl who found Ringo's St. Christopher medal? It turns out that she was the one who ripped it off at 2:30AM when the Beatles were coming out of their limosine to stay at the Delmonico Hotel in August. The real story came out today.

Sept. 14, 1964

Well - I got my tickets for the Beatles concert Sept. 20! Boy. I can't beleive it. Oh - and guess what! I went down for a singing audition and the lady said that I could get an introduction with them (The Beatles) after the show Sept. 20! (That's if she can find out who's handling them that night - what NY manager I guess.) Oh Boy. I hope I can get it. I'd die! Just die!


Sept. 20, 1964, afternoon {Beatles concert at the Paramount Theater, New York City}

Well, today is the day! Tonight I mean. I'm going to see the Beatles live. I hope I can get to see the personally. Like going in the teahtre or something.

I'm not telling my father or mother this cause they'll never let me leave this house if they knew. I am going to go searching for them. I told my father that I was going to sit in my seat until almost everyone is out of the theatre. Well, the reason I told him that was I wouldn't get squashed and pushed as everyone left. The real reason I'm going to do this is because the Beatles will stay in the theatre cause they have to change there suits, get freshened up and probably get their guitars off the stage (and drums!) If they do that and I'm still in the theatre I'll say (yell, I mean) Hello. Oh well, let me stop writn nowcausee I'm gtting too, too excited, and telling you dear Beatle Book that I'll be back to tell you everything Tonight. Oh thank God. I go to see them, I love them so much. Thank you god! I'll never forget this!

Sept. 20, 1964, midnight

Oh God - they were beautiful - I'm still shaking for hysteria. There really different then there pictures. Paul's hair is black and wavy. George's hair is redish brown, and very straight. Ringo's hair is a silver brown and John's hair is very light brown and boy do they have lots of it too. There really so beautiful.

I'll never forget this day as long as I live. I'll never forget their faces. I'll never forget Ringo - I cryed my eyes out for I knew I'd never meet him. I love Ringo so much I could die! I'll never forget this day, never!

Oct. 8, 1964

The Beatles were on Shindig (that new Rock n Roll show) last night. They were fabulous (as always). I loved every minute of it. They sang "Kansas City" (Paul sang it - Boy did he sing it great!) They also sang their new song which they just wrote - "I'm a Loser" - I loved it! I can't wait till it's released. (John sang that.) And last but not least. Ringo - my Ringo sang, "Boys." Oh I went histerical my mother thought I was crazy. (So maybe I am - but that's besides the point). He was so beautiful - I just died! George didn't sing but he was just as beautiful! I love them all. I'm saving my money to see them when they come again! I love them!

Oct 18, 1964

Today I spent another dollar on those Beatles. I sent to this place $1.00. In return, I am getting a 2" x 2" square fo the pillow case that my Ringo slept on when he was at the Rivera Hotel in
N.Y.C. this Sept. They also send you a certified letter saying that this piece of material was not washed and that it was really used by Ringo. I know I'm crazy but I just couldn't resist it. I have a cler plastic case to keep it in.

Oct. 23, 1964

Well, it came in the mail. Yes a piece of Ringo's pillowcase. It's the real thing too - The certifide letter was sworn to and notarized. Oh I love it. I think this is the closet I'll get to Ringo! On the opposite page is the letter and behnd it is the picture they sent me and the self-stamped enveoleip it came in.

Nov. 7, 1964

I don't know if I mentioned this before but another Beatle Album is out. Its called "Something New." It has 6 new ones. {songs?} I didn't buy, but I plan to. Another album will be coming out soon. It will be called, "The Beatle Story." It will have many pictures, new songs, and hits of there past and recorded interviews. I entered this contest which the prize is for the 1st winner a personally signed Christmas Card from the Beatles. 10 other winners will get "Good Guy" sweat shirts, and 500 others will get this new album. (So will the first eleven winners.) I dought if I will but you never know.

Nov. 13, 1964

Well - that fabulous 4 (you know who!) here on T.V. tonight. The show was really great. It was filmed documentary style of the Beatles first touor here. It was really so good I can't explain - It had to be good - anything having to do with the Beatles is just naturally fabulous! I can't wait until Sunday. There on again.

Nov. 15, 1964

Well, those loveable mop-heads were on again! And as fab and gear as always! This show was really a filmed rock n roll variety show. Each one of the Beatles sang a song and then they all sang together. I loved every minute of it!

Nov. 16, 1964

Well, were moving (only 4 blocks away) and I had to take my Beatle pictures off my wall. I'm mad! I left the Big one up until the last day. I'm here - It feels so lonely without them! I love them so much (those little lovable Beatles.) My mother said in my new apt. I can't put up any Beatles Posters. I'm going to cry my eyes out with out them! Maybe I can beg my mother & father.

Nov. 24, 1964

Ringo - My Ringo is getting his tonsils out. Dec. 1 this year. I hope he'll be alright and his throat won't be to sore when its all over! And most of all I hope his voice doesn't change permently. I know when your tonsils are removed your voice changes for a while, and sometimes stays that way. I hope he stays the same! He's voice is so tough-like. I'll be thinking of him every minute that day. I know this sounds a little disgusting and messy, but if I could, I'd like to have Ringo's tonsils preservee in famaldihide. Oh - I now I'm sick - but I love him so much I think I've gone crazy when it comes to the Beatles or - Ringo - my Ringo!

Nov. 29, 1964

Well, those fabulous Beatles have done it again! They've just came out with another album. It's really different from there other albums. It's a narrator telling each one's life story, speaking and interviewing each one, tell how it all started and parts of there faous hit songs. It's a double album, two lps {long playing, 33 rpm speed} recoreds. It's just fab - I can't wait until I buy it. That's one of there new albims. The other one its not anywhere but radio station WMCA has it and it will be called (when it is released next month) "Beatles '65." In England it will be called Beatles for Sale. This album has 14 fabulous songs. Most of them written by Paul & John. Its just great. I love them so much.

November 30, 1964

I sent for a Press Card from a magazine. I'm now a regional reporter for Teen Ville, Keen Teen, and Teen Pix magazines. This card can get me back stage to interview many English famous people. I wrote a poem about my idols. (You know who!) Here it is:

America's in a state of shock
It happened 1, 2, 3
We were hypnotized by the Mersey Rock
Everyone, Including me.

Elvis handed the Beatles the key
Which fit our door, and then
the Beatles left the door wide open
for their fellow English Men.

The Beatles topped the hysteria
that Elvis got long ago
And then we really went in a trance!
When they sang on Ed Sulivan's show.

Some fell in love with Ringo
His blue eyes, nose and all.
Some loved the one with the angel's face,
Of course that one was Paul.
Some vowed there heart to George
who was the least to sing.
And other said it was John for them
Even though he had a wedding ring.

One thing they all had, and everyone loved
Was the mop of hair they had up above
And when they'd sing they'd shake it around
to add to their very one "Mersey beat sound."

I'll never forget till the day I die.
How, when they'd sing I'd sit there and cry.
I've loved them from the very start
And I can tell you why
I love the Beatles with all my heart
And I know they'll never die!

Dec. 1, 1964

Ringo went into the hospital today. His tonsils will come out tomorrow. I hope he's all right!
If you want to call up London to find out about him, there is a no. (Covent Gardens 2332). And you will get a recorded message telling how Ringo is. The call is $15.00 from here. Oh well, good-bye call! But alas, Do not fret! The radio stations are playing the recording of the message.

Dec. 2, 1964

Well, Ringo may have lost his tonsils, but he sure hasn't lost his fans! (He hasn't lost this one anyway!) I felt so good when they said that he was alright after his operation. His diagnosis was Tonsilitis. Mine is a bad case of Beatlemania. An incredible case mind you!

Dec. 7, 1964

Guess what today is - Yes, Pearl Harbor I know - but what else is it? Well. I'll give you a hint! It is a day set aside for 4 fabulous guys who are known internationally! Yes, you've guessed - there the Beatles and today is "National Beatle Day." That's right. We Beatlemaniacs celebrate it here in the U.S. but actually it was declared a national holiday in England.

Dec. 10, 1964

Well he is out of the hospital now (this morning) and feeling fine! The croak in his voice has returned (Thank god - he wouldn't be the same without it!)

Dec. 11, 1964

The Beatles are on vacation now there next performace will be Christmas. George has left for the Bahamas with Patty! They'll be away for 2 weekeds?!?! John and Cyn went away, too, but no one knows where! The other two Beatles stayed in England.

Jan, 1, 1965

Well, It's 1965 and a new year has begun. But today is the anniversary of the invasion by the Beatles. Yes, for today, 1 year ago, when WMCA one of the top rock n' roll stations in NYC, for the first time in NY, played the Beatles 1st record smash in America, "I Want to Hold Your Hand." And to say it was a smash is just speaking lightly for the record sold a million copies before it was even released to the public!

In Jan. 1 1964 I heard this record and like many people are still doing now, I didn't really listen to it, I just said it sounded sort of like noise. But I heard it again and again. I began to look into it, and listen carefully. Well soon enough I began to like it. And then the rest is right here in this diary - I started to love their record and each one of them more and more.

Their fame and foutune will go down in musical history as the Greatest Phenomenum the business has ever had. Next year - well that's to be seen, but I'm sure that I and millions of other teenagers around the world will feel the same.

Jan. 7, 1965

Today, Murray the K called up London and spoke to the Beatles. He asked Paul what he meant when someone asked him if he was going to marry Jane and he said, "When they ask you what I said, say I just smiled." At first Paul evaded the question, but then answered, "I don't know if I'll marry her only time will tell. I don't know." Humf! Now he says, he doesn't know! Before he used to say No. Soon he'll be saying Yes! But only time can tell you know.

Murray also spoke to Ringo. This was the first time I heard Ringo's voice since he had his tonsils out. His voice is the same (thank god.) He sounded as sweet as could be...

Jan. 28, 1965

The Beatles have very little privacy, but when they do, they make the most of it! John and Cynthia are in Switzerland learning to ski.

Jan. 29, 1965

I read that the Beatles will be at Shea Stadium. I'm sending for tickets there, too. I know I saw then once but there's never enough time to enjoy them in person. I can't wait until they come back.

Feb. 7, 1965

1 year ago today, a plane from across the sea flew to Kennedy International Airport. But this plane wasn't just an ordinary plane, for it carried four young men who would invade the music world in America. They already left there imprint in the minds of Europeans, in England (their homeland), Germany and afew other places across the continent. But now they came to conquer America and conquer they did! These four Liverpool lads, who of course are the Beatles, came, and when they left took the hearts of millions of American girls back with them. And now, one year later, those many girls and even new Beatlemaniacs are still Ringo, George, John, and Paul's (take your choice) ardent fans and will stay this way for a long time.

So now, another year of that spirited Beatlemania has begun, and will keep up for a long time, for the Beatles are still climbing the ladder of success not only in the states but throughout the world.

Feb. 9, 1965

Well it's lights, camera, action again for those fab four. The Beatles begin their second movie on Feb. 22. This one will be in color and have a plot to it. It will be sort of a mystery and, again, will be based around my Little Ringo.

Feb. 11, 1965

It's 7:00 AM and I just got up to go to school. I'm startled! I don't know what to do - you see the first thing my mother told me was Ringo got married - It's true! I'm crying now - I don't know how I'll make it in school. I just can't believe it! Just a few days ago I wrote in a sence of speaking - My Ringo - Now I'm not allowed to do that!

I knew it had to happen sometime - but in my heart that sometime meant when his Beatle days are over. Well, that will be a very long time from now - and now is today. He's married to Maureen Cox. She's 18 years old but she has loved him since he was Rickie with Rory Storm. {a band he was in years before}.

Feb. 14, 1965

In the news today, there was my article on Ringo {In what paper? Where is that newspaper clipping today?} on when he got his tonsils out. I couldn't believe it - But there it was! Well, lets just say it's the beginning of my writing career. {My poem was a parody on a popular song by "Bonanza" television star Lorne Greene about a cowboy named Ringo, no relation to Ringo Starr}

RINGO: The Story, by Ringo's Nurse (by Mary Crescenzo)

He lay face down in his hospital bed
His Beatle mop apon his head
From the shot from behind he turned pale as the dead
But in his throat his tonsils were red
A spark sill burnt so I used my knife
And late that night I saved the life...of RINGO
I nursed him till the danger passed
The days went by he mended fast
And then from dawn till setting sun
He ate ice cream by the ton
And hour for hour I watched in awe
How fan mail came in by the score...for RINGO
The letters piled like a mountain crest
They came from the east and from the west
He told me how he became a star
and how Beatlemania spread near and far
and how he and the Beatles gained such fame
All through the world they loved the name...of RINGO

Mar. 17, 1965

It has been said that the name of the new Beatle movie will be "8 Arms to Hold You." (Technicly, all they can give us are four arms - Cynthia and Maureen have John and Ringo's).

Oh also It has been said that the Beatles will be at Shea Stadium on Aug. 15. The tickets will run from $5 down. I hope I get to see them.

Mar. 18, 1965

The Beatles have gone back to England to finish their 2nd movie. Ringo had a big gold wrapped package with him at the airport. All he would say about it was that it was for his wife. I wonder what was in it?

Mar. 22, 1965

"Sir Stork en route to the Ringo Starrs" This little statement was printed in Ed Sullivan's column today. We'll Is it true or not? They've only been married for about 1 ½ months (Like that really matters) I won't believe it until I see the baby and/or Ringo says it himself.

Mar. 27, 1965

I sent for Beatle tickets for Shea Stadium. The most expensive tickets where $5.65. These are the tickets I sent for. I hope I get them. But I'm not as thrilled as the first time. Not because I don't like them as much, but because I've seen them and now maybe I'll be able to hear them!
{Screams at the Beatles' performance at the Paramount overpowered the sound system}

Apr. 7, 1965

Well its out now. I must believe it. I wonder who the baby will look like? One paper says the baby will arrive in late October. Another says just before Christmas. Well whenever it is born, may the baby add love and happiness to the Starr household.

Apr. 22, 1965

It has been said that the fab four will be staying at the Taft Hotel when they come to NY this August.

June 2, 1965

Today the news was let out - Paul is marrying Jane - Is it true? Is it not? I bet it is. They've been going out for so long. Oh, well.

June 6, 1965

Today, Maryann and I went downtown {Manhattan, cut school} to see Herman Hermits. Well we only saw them from window of their studio - and from their taxis. We saw Lek, Carl, and Keith. They are all very cute!!

We met Chad & Jeremy also while we were walking on the street. Boy, are they nice. I got their autographs. I told Chad that he was signing my homework pad, so on top he wrote, "HOMEWORK!" He is so sweet and friendly. so is Jeremy.

June 7, 1965

I received my Beatle tickets today - I'm so happy! I hope the seats are good!!

June 15, 1965

Sound the horns raise the flag - the Beatles have just received another title - By appointment of the queen they have just become "Esquires" of the queens court. They, themselves, can't believe it! But a few people are bothered by this. A former general sent his medals to the queen in protest. But Prince Ploppi said that "if you help the country in some way, you deserve a title" and so - Sir Ringo - here we come!

August 12, 1965

Once again, Britain's Beatles will be coming to N.Y.C. The concert is at Shea Stadium, Sunday. There new movie "Help" will be premired August 21. They will arrive here today by T.W.A. {former top U.S. airline} at 2:25. They'll be staying at the Warrwick Hotel.

I must say that since the Beatles left last Sept. and since Ringo got married Beatlemania has faded slightly in most of their fans including myself. But its only natural as you grow older and begin to really dream of boys around you, boys that you may have a future with. Sometimes I think that Beatlemania is an exscape from the absence of a boyfriend. Its someone to dream of - think about. Something to fill the gap of love in your heart. For me, at this moment, my Beatlemania has faded because of Ringo's marriage and because I like a boy named Larry at this time (Remember him?!?)

But as the Beatles arrived today, the little spark of Beatlemania began to burn once more and once again I can't wait to see them in concert. Don't get me wrong. I still love the Beatles - if I didn't, that life size poster wouldn't be hanging on my Bed room wall.

Was all this really a half century ago? Not long before he was murdered, John Lennon sang to his young son, Sean, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Hopes and dreams, triumphs, and tragedies, mistakes and memories have come to pass for us all in these fifty years. This year's articles and broadcasts about The Beatles are bittersweet. In "In My Life," The Beatles sang "...but of all these friends and lovers, there is no one compares with you." After all these years, Beatlemaniacs and others still carry that sentiment when it comes to John Paul, George and Ringo. The Beatles have remained with us since our awakening towards adulthood. They offered us a hand to hold when the world around us was shadowed with social upheaval, assassination, and war, dark and deep. They gave us permission to express our unabashed joy. They showed us we could strive for what seemed impossible; meeting them was for many of us, our first small taste of setting a lofty goal!

Had my goal of "Meet the Beatles" ever come true? In my twenties, while sitting on a bench along Central Park West in mid afternoon, wearing a blue and yellow poncho, deep in afterglow and conversation with a special man in my life, John and Yoko walked by, hand and hand, and slowed their stride just for a moment for me to realize two people were looking my way. Our eyes met and Yoko to said to me, "That is a beautiful poncho!" John and Yoko smiled, I smiled back instinctively and replied, "Thank you." In that same instance, I had realized who they were!" They smiled again and continued on. Shocked, about to run after them for an autograph, my companion suggested, "Let them be. You'll call all kinds of attention to them. What they just gave you was something that most people will never have the chance to experience." I was torn but I knew he was right. I recall him saying something else about personal acknowledgement, woman to woman, couple to couple, smiles exchanged from two people in love to us, so focused on each other at first, we hadn't even notice them.

That wise young man till this day still remains sensitive to the rich and famous. He became an acting coach to the stars, and I became a writer, poet and Jazz singer. Looking back at my journey and the path of those four musicians whom I idolized, Ringo, Paul, George and John continue to teach me to treasure each day though their lives and song.

So, today, at age 64, in regard to the question: "Will you still need me, will you still feed me?" I must admit, the music of the Beatles is still needed in my life and it continues to feed me with inspiration and joy. Back in my diary days, I was constantly conjuring up ways to meet my heroes. Hmm. Could this story be my latest try? Call me, Paul or Ringo! If just for a moment, "I Want To Hold Your Hand!"