02/14/2013 10:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mainstream Media Fails Again: Girlfriend Killing Buries Climate Change Protest

Obviously, the New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, and other US mainstream newspapers, as well as broadcast NPR, believes it's more important for the public to know about the girlfriend killing involving a South African athlete than the coalescing US protests against governmental inaction on climate change. Does it matter that our nation's foremost climate scientist, a leader of a major environmental organization, a leader of a major environmental movement, --- oh, and let's not forget THEIR celebrity, Daryl Hannah - and dozens of other celebrities, got arrested at the White House yesterday, trying to push Obama on acting on climate? You know -- NASA Director James Hansen, Sierra Club President Michael Brune,'s Bill McKibben and others? Obviously not. When I checked today, here was the resulting score:

The Losers:

* If the NY Times mentioned it anywhere on their site, it was buried - deeply.
* Nothing was found in the LA Times, either.
* Washington Post picked up the AP story and put it in their Courts and Law section - yeah, I consider that buried.
* Ditto for Bloomberg News, which had it cross-posted from one of their blogs into their sustainability section. (Read: If you are really concerned about the environment, here's your daily feed, buried here.)

***The REAL Losers: the US public, and future Americans.


Graphic by Mary Ellen Harte

The Winners:

*Not-so-mainstream Democracy Now broadcast it as a main story.
*The relatively mainstream Huffington Post carried not this story on the front page, but an equally important related one (even if you had to scroll down a bit far for it): the Government Accounting Office told Congress that climate change poses a fiscal risk to the United States. (Disclaimer: I had no previous knowledge before I checked out their front page.) Additionally, the Huff did cover the climate change protest, in the Green section.

Finally, NPR, the mainstream public radio, had the climate protest buried in an online blog. So, instead, I listened to NPR remind me hourly about the girlfriend killing involving whats-his-name in South Africa. While climate change continues, unabated. Where's a wall to bang my head on, when I need one?

Oh, and did any mainstream media mention this? Sir Robert Watson, former head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the most respected group of scientists studying climate change in the world, was reported today as saying that "we're on our way to a 3 to 5 degrees C [10 degrees F] world."

Oh, come on now... mainstream news report on that? Now THAT really would be funny....

What this means for coverage of the upcoming February 17th Forward on Climate rallies in Washington DC and elsewhere, remains to be seen. Will climate change make the rare pilgrimage to mainstream media's front pages?

In the meantime, Happy Valentine's Day, folks - but remember, no matter how many cutesy love stories the mainstream media dishes out today, most of them apparently don't care if you roast on Earth, never mind in hell -- it's just not that important.


A fresh apple Valentine to all of you! Credit: Mary Ellen Harte