09/19/2011 04:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New York Fashion Week: Carlos Miele's Immersive Landscape for Spring/Summer 2012

The final walk at the Carlos Miele show at New York Fashion Week (photo: M. Hall)

New York Fashion Week is a wild mix of a little of everything. You have the quirky, the outré, the edgy, the classical and sometimes the exquisite. Now designer Carlos Miele introduces a new category of cool to the mix: techno fashion. His show Monday at New York Fashion Week was called the Immersive Landscape, born from the idea of immersive artificial environments. Imagine if you will, a fashion virtual reality full of "vivid colors in bright chemical tones." This is Carlos Miele's vision of Spring/Summer 2012. And quite simply, the vision was breathtaking. "I seek a dialogue between the artificial and the natural, modified beauty and organic technology and life," says Mr. Miele. This dialogue translated beautifully into fluid lines, and tropical colors brought to life via the technology of digital prints.

One of Carlos Miele's exquisite gowns at New York Fashion Week (photo: M. Hall)

The color palette for the collection seemed to channel sunny Brazil via corals, tangerine, jade, turquoise, blazing hot white and bright summer prints. Fabrics ranged from silk chiffon to crepes. I could image the sea reefs and gold fish swimming all set to the tone of the music of "A tonga da mironga do kabuletê" (translation: "Anywhere Faraway"). The song was a terrific backdrop to this sunny collection, reminding the viewer of how fashion can literally take us away.

The Carlos Miele brand is sold at high-end department stores and boutiques. If you are ever lucky enough to see the dresses at a sample store, my advice is grab it with both hands. Sometimes you can even find a piece on eBay. The clothes are beautiful. If this is virtual reality, give me more, please.