06/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

A Dying Pastime

Outrageous gas prices have us driving less, saving energy and cutting back on expenses where we can. Suddenly summer vacations spent driving across the country seem decadent. Running errands requires thoughtful planning to minimize drive time. Missed opportunities to carpool feels criminal.

Unsurprisingly, we may have come to appreciate our time with and in our cars and SUVs in a whole new way. Especially when they are not moving.

A Dying Pastime
By mystiriodis

This story is not meant to be a rant about some of the cons of going to theaters. It is actually about one of my favorite pastimes: the drive-in theater.

Although drive-ins are dwindling across the states, my city is lucky to have one of the survivors, and it is still well-maintained and a rather happenin' place.

Last weekend, a couple of friends and I filled my car with food, soda, pillows and blankets and headed to the drive-in, to watch three (new) movies for $8 (it's even cheaper if you have a friend willing to hide in the trunk!).

There's nothing better than rolling all the car windows down, reclining your seat, staring up at your favorite actors with a backdrop of trees, and eating food that is not more salt than substance. And our drive-in offers a full menu diner as well, that is wayyy cheaper than any other movie theater I've been to (everything is under $3 and most items are under $2). I don't recommend the pickles there, however.

Some people say that drive-ins are not worth the land they inhabit. I guess in Kansas that isn't really a problem, as there is always more land to build on somewhere.

And boomer, another Tokoni user, replied:
I am so excited that someone from your generation has discovered the quintessential amazingness of the drive-in! (Or, as we called them back in the day, "passion pits. But that's another story.) The way to really get the full impact is in a convertible, and I hope you or one of your friends has one. Summer nights will never be quite the same without these landmarks, and I am pleased to know there are still a few around!

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