08/08/2012 10:20 am ET Updated Sep 24, 2012

America's Got Talent Recap: Too Much Talent

There was a lot of concern voiced from the America's Got Talent judges on Tuesday night about the overwhelming amount of talent that graced the NJPAC stage for the last round of Quarterfinals. Their concern was well-placed. America had some tough decisions to make -- AGT clearly saved some of the best for last.

Olate Dogs

It took a while for me to come around to the dog act, but Tuesday's fluid and fast-paced routine finally won me over. Meanwhile, our judges were already fans and simply repeated a lot of what they've already said about the act in the past. Sharon Osbourne called it "magnificent" and Howard Stern complimented the routine for being "funny and classic."


Howie Mandel hit the nail on the head (or maybe "hit the moron in the balls" would be more appropriate?) when he referred to the questionable "talent" as a "polarizing" act. Stern went on to compare it to his own radio show -- "you either love it or you hate it." My hatred for Horse's routine, an endless parade of eye-roll inducing nut-shots is well documented, but I have to commend the guy for adding a storytelling element to his usual gimmick with the superhero/robbers theme. It was nice to see a creative side to all the slapstick. Regardless of my personal disdain for his whole shtick, the audience gave him a standing ovation, so honestly, I think he'd probably safe.

Lindsey Norton

Norton made an impressive use of mirrors to add a little pizzazz to her elegant dance routine. Stern gave her a "job well done" while Howie voiced concerns that while her act was "unique" it was also kind of "not." He'd like to see her collaborate with Turf. I'd be down. Sharon compared the dance to an gymnast's floor routine at the Olympics. It was lovely, but I fear that it's one of those routines that will be overshadowed by "louder" performances during this week's competition.

Eric and Olivia

That goes for musical duo Eric and Olivia as well. Their acoustic rendition of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite" wasn't bad. , it just wasn't very interesting. Howie called it "more coffeehouse than big stage" while Stern lamented the lack of emotional connection to the song. I lamented the lack of Howard Stern: Matchmaker. His previous efforts to infuse a little romance in the "just friends" duet always made me laugh.

William Close

Oh hey, it's the Earth Harp guy. We hadn't seen him in a while. His addition of a vocalist and some percussionists to his musical act won the judges over who subsequently, according to Howard Stern, considered him practically unbeatable. "I think you won this whole contest," he declared. I don't know, man, people really liked seeing that guy, Horse, get hit in the balls.

Unity in Motion

Like the similarly talented Lindsey Norton, Unity in Motion performed admirably and showed considerable talent, but compared to the thrill of a human cannonball or the bizarre adoration for nut-shots America seems to have, they just didn't stand out. Howard declared them the best dance act that AGT has while Howie implored the audience to vote. We'll see if anyone was listening.

Sebastien el Charro de Oro

The pint-sized mariachi singer and his talented band has been a judge and crowd favorite since his debut, which is understandable because he's awesome. Sharon said that despite her limited knowledge of mariachi music, she loves everything Sebastien does. Howie called him an "old soul... like a male Mexican Jackie Evancho." Well, OK then.

Eric Dittelman

I'm such a sucker for "Dittelman" because his mind-reading routine is so flawless. I have no idea how he does it and I don't want to know. This week, he parodied Howie Mandel's Deal or No Deal, claiming to have guessed ahead of time which briefcase Mandel would ultimately end up choosing -- and he was right. Sharon called his act "Absolutely incredible" and I wholeheartedly agree.

Joe Castillo

This is another one of those acts that I just don't "get" but I get it a lot more than I get Horse. This week, Castillo mesmerized the audience with his sand paintings, this time featuring an endangered species theme. "So moving, so beautifully executed," was Sharon Osbourne's take. Howard Stern encouraged him, again, to lose the beret.


Ditching his signature sweater for a flashy suit and sexy background dancers, Ulysses' homage to American Bandstand was immediately X'd by both Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne. We are all aware of Howard's long-standing distaste for the guy who charmed his way through auditions with cheesy TV theme songs, but Sharon's rejection came in response to the complete overhaul of Ulysses' act. He made it flashy and tried to make it sexy and essentially lost everything that Sharon found endearing -- a.k.a.: the sweater. While Howie let him at least mostly finish his performance, he ultimately ended up X-ing him as well, for mostly the same reasons as Sharon.

All That

Infusing their clog dancing act with some mock fighting definitely spiced things up a bit. The performance was flawless. However, my delight at their performance came afterwards when Sharon Osbourne so very politely requested that next time, the hunky men of All That, perhaps "come back in leather trousers and no shirts." She later elaborated, "like Magic Mike." You know, as cheeky and amusing as the request was -- I kind of agree with her, and not just because half-naked men are a delight. The pastel shirts were just kind of... really? Howie again implored America to vote, vote vote, while Howard applauded the changes that the group made, though voiced concern that it might not have been enough to save them.

David "The Bullet" Smith

The Human Cannonball shot to a height of 70 feet at 60 mph to score a human field goal, complete with cheerleaders, 40 yards away. It was exciting and everything, but I can't help but wonder how much further this act can go. No matter how you dress it up, it's kind of the same thing.

So, who are you pulling for in tonight's elimination episode? Stern was stumped and didn't even try to make a prediction. I don't blame him. Do you think there were any insta-votes in Tuesday's show? Or is it all up in the air?

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