09/04/2012 07:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

America's Got Talent Recap: Three Go Forward

There were a lot of difficult choices to be made in the aftermath of Tuesday night'sAmerica's Got Talent semi-final round. I'm still reeling from what choices were ultimately made myself.

But first: the highlights. AGT has turned killing time into an art. The most mind-boggling method being to spend an hour choosing four acts from the previous night's performances to advance only to spend the last 10 minutes of the results show cutting that number down to three. However, the show almost made up for that nonsense with some pretty awesome in-flight entertainment.

Comedian/actor/talk show host Steve Harvey opened the results show with a comedic run-down of his favorite acts and Neon Trees rocked the NJPAC stage with their current single "Everybody Talks" (though I'm partial to "Animal" myself).

Though it was something like pulling teeth, we eventually got our final three: sand artist Joe Castillo, Earth Harp player William Close, and comedian Tom Cotter.

I was devastated to see my old standby Donovan and Rebecca go and the always, ALWAYS awesome mind-reader Eric Dittleman. I'm still profoundly confused about the appeal of Joe Castillo, so if anyone would care to enlighten me, I'm all for it.

Mostly I'm just happy not to have to watch poor Irving the Dog get turned into a puppet anymore.

How stoked and/or disappointed are YOU by the first set of semifinals results?

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