12/09/2014 05:51 pm ET Updated Feb 08, 2015

3 Keys to Attracting More Prosperity


In the past decade, the world has seen a great deal of upheaval and change. Super storms, tsunamis and Wall Street crashes have all combined to make a set of circumstances that can potentially create in us a vibration of scarcity. It is difficult not to extrapolate that feeling into our personal lives: to our relationships, bank accounts and opportunities.

However, it is important to remind ourselves that we live in an abundant universe that delights in the overflow. From trillions of cells in our bodies to trillions of galaxies in space, our universe knows no limitations!

If you already know that we attract to ourselves what we think about and feel most, and if you want to attract abundance and prosperity into your life, start by aligning your heart with prosperity rather than scarcity. That means that before you actually see the prosperity in "real time" you must feel it in your heart and see it in your mind.

This can be challenging. However, with practice, it gets easier. There are three powerful steps you can take to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life. I recommend that you use these every day.

1. Take the good you have and bless it.

In order to build a greater awareness of abundance, stop the "only" thinking, such as "I 'only' have $20 in my wallet," and replace those thoughts with blessings. Bless those $20's. Remember that it may not be as much as you would like to have, but it IS something and what we "praise" we "raise". If you want more love, bless the love you have in your life now. Bless what you seek to increase!

2. Recognize that there is one source but many channels.

Source has infinite ways to bless you. If your account balance is high, you might feel prosperous. If an emergency wipes you out the next day, you may consider yourself poor.

Yet the source of your abundance has not changed, no matter what your circumstances. Life is your source, and if one channel is cut off, another one appears in its place. It could be a job, an inheritance, a spouse or an idea. Any one of these "sources" can provide a feeling of abundance.

Think about a mountain lake with streams flowing down into the valley. If one stream dries up or encounters a boulder, another stream will carry the water onward. This is because it is the nature of water to flow from a source to lower ground, and when it finds an obstacle it simply goes around. Abundance is the same way.

By aligning with your source, from which all channels flow, you remain prosperous regardless of your circumstances.

3. Circulate to accelerate.

It is very important to practice giving without worrying what you will receive in return. In fact, only when you can give without thinking about the consequences will you unlock the power of your own abundance. Give your time, your talent and your treasure for a truly blessed return.

When you infuse your life and the lives around you with giving, the laws of the universe return it to us tenfold. Even if you have only pennies to share, abundance is circular through giving, so give. It will always come back to you: Not always in the way you might predict, but you cannot plant "giving" without generating a "receiving" for yourself because give and receive are two sides to the same coin.

As you put these truths into practice, notice opportunities that open up in your own life.

You will attract the people and resources you need to take your life to the next level. It may seem to you that these opportunities come "out of the blue," but in reality you are simply aligning with the abundance and prosperity that was here all along.

By practicing these three keys every day, you will naturally become more prosperous.

Practice these keys and enjoy your newfound prosperity!