09/28/2014 10:56 am ET Updated Nov 28, 2014

D.R.E.A.M. Your Life Better

"A dream is a wish your heart makes..."

You may remember that sweet old song we sang as children. It was Cinderella's song of hope, and sure enough, by the end of the movie she had found her Prince Charming and was living her dream life! Fairy tales don't really come true... do they?

I happen to believe that you can live a "fairy tale" life, but I prefer not to use the term "fairy tale." I think it implies that something is unattainable through normal channels. On the other hand, I believe it is perfectly possible to live a dream life.

Using the word DREAM as an acronym, let's explore the steps to begin living a dream life and find true satisfaction deep inside. Read on and see where and how each of these steps may have already presented itself in your life. Where has your DREAM taken hold, and where have you been stuck? Each letter in the word DREAM stands for a specific action you can take to move your dreams from imagination right into the visible measurable results you call your life. They are:

D = Desire and Discontent. What do you desire? What do you long for? In order to identify our desires, consider our discontent. Discontent or longing is often a dream making itself known. Everything that is ever created is first a thought. Do you have a longing inside of you that simply will not be silenced? This is your dream speaking to you.

Often we have locked our dreams up, bolted it in the farthest corners of our minds and thrown away the key, but it will not be silenced. Dreams always begin with a longing for something different, and that longing doesn't go away. We can try to ignore it, but we cannot make it stop until we take steps to address it. On the other hand, vague and random thoughts are not dreams.

When we imagine our dream life, we must be specific.

Discontent helps to identify specific desires. Do you ever find yourself saying, "I would be happier if I had a different job, or more money, or lived in a house that had..." It may be surprising to learn that dreams speak to us through our feelings of discontent. What are the things that drag your energy down? Utilize that discontent to specifically identify your desires.

R = Realistic. Have a realistic goal in order to make a dream come true. When we set unrealistic goals, such as making a billion dollars in the next two years, part of us resists because, deep down inside, we knows that it's not realistic because we have no experience with ever being able to multiply our results by ourselves that fast.

However, setting a big goal such as an extra $50,000 in income each year for the next three years is easier to believe even if it IS ambitious. The way to identify realistic goals is to ask yourself, "What can I be doing in one year that brings me closer to my dream life? In three years? In five years?" Set realistic goals in the short term so that success can be enjoyed quickly as you move on to your next realistic goal.

E = Explore the Energy. Most people have no idea of the vast, uncharted and untapped stores of energy we have deep inside us. I happen to believe that each and every one of us has limitless resources we can call on. The more we align with that energy, our true potential, the more we receive! Never assume you do not have the power to do something; the truth is, you have more power than you could possibly imagine.

Just like our desires, our energy must be specifically focused in order to be productive. The left side of our brain deals with organized, mathematical and linear thought while our right brain brings the imaginative and creative power to the dream building process. The easy part always seems to be the creative part... dreaming our dream life. However, manifesting a dream requires the energy of both sides of our brain. If the left-brain is more practical, how do you engage it in your dream building process and harness that potential energy?

Ask very specific questions. What does my life look like when I live according to my dream? What does it smell like, taste like and sound like? Who is with me and what are we doing? What does a typical day look like? One very successful young lady took this approach a step farther. Instead of just musing on her dream, she wrote every specific step that she would take to get there. Writing things down is a great way to engage the whole brain in the dream-building process. When we identify and quantify our dreams in writing, the whole brain takes over and the process becomes part of our daily life.

A = Attraction and Action. Energy without action is called "potential." Scientists divide energy into two forms: potential and kinetic. "Potential" energy is what is stored in an object when it is at rest. "Kinetic" energy is what is used in motion. You want to be kinetic, not potential! Take action, even if it is only a small action. Small actions condition our bodies and minds and lead us to bigger actions. Dreams without actions are simply wishes. However, action not only gets us moving in the right direction but it actually attracts our dream life closer to us.

Let me explain.

Suppose that your dream was to operate a small organic farm. One day, you are invited by a friend to speak at a garden club about heirloom vegetables. Even though there is no pay involved, jump at the chance. Why? Because it is an action that moves you closer to your dream. From that speaking engagement, you meet someone who lives on a piece of land that they'd love to have gardens on; they have no experience, but they'd be willing to let you put a garden on it in exchange for fresh vegetables. Also, at that event, maybe you meet some folks who have wanted to participate in a Community Supported Agriculture organization. They pay in advance for vegetables you'll grow in the upcoming season. Suddenly, by being willing to accept a speaking invitation for no pay, you've connected to people whose dreams align with yours and you are on the road to living a life you'd love.

On the other hand imagine getting offered a promotion at work. It means longer hours and lots of travel, but also an increase in pay! That may seem like something that could get you closer to your dream because you believe you'll have more money to invest in your business, but the time commitment means fewer hours to build it. It's not out of the realm of possibility that you refuse this opportunity because it takes you farther away from your dream.

With every opportunity be prepared to ask yourself: Does this bring me closer to my dream or distract me from my dream? If it is not attracting your dream, it is a distraction. Attract your dreams and take action on the opportunities that pull that dream closer.

M = Mentor and Mastermind. This is one of the most overlooked steps in dream building but it is one of the most important. You must have someone who can support you who has already achieved enough of their goals to have the experience that you can draw strength from. The amount you can learn from a good mentor is beyond description. Mentors, or "masterminds" as I like to call them, are essential to your success.

Imagine your dream is to own your own business. You are already employed at a job you are unhappy with and your co-workers are uninspired and stuck. They are bored, gossip and complain to each other. If you share your dream with them, they might laugh and tell you why it could never happen. Instead of associating with people like this, find someone who is already at "Point B" in their own life. It's where you want to be. Find someone who is living the life you want and loving it. Investigate networking organizations. Join a group of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Surround yourself with people who can educate, inspire and support you as you build your dream. The advice of people like this is invaluable. They can serve as your ship's rudder, helping you steer around common pitfalls and moving you toward your goal. Find a mentor and join or create a mastermind group of like-minded individuals by reaching out to people in your community who share your passion and beliefs. Caution here: Be sure you choose people who are succeeding!

Meet and bond with like-minded people who share your passion for a richer, better and more purposeful life. Be inspired with fresh ideas and make the crucial shift in your self-image that can eliminate sabotaging thoughts once and for all.

You really can DREAM your life into what you want it to be!

Mary Morrissey

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