03/10/2015 11:30 am ET Updated May 10, 2015

The Road to Our Dreams, Starts With a Single Step

Rasica via Getty Images

After 30 years of teaching, I am absolutely certain of one thing: the dream we have in our hearts is the seed that can be planted to grow into a life we love living.

Everyone has a seed of a dream but some people choose to ignore it. They resist the temptation to believe that their dream is possible. These people are often condemned to a lifetime of longing.

Without exception, they are left with a feeling of discontent that can never be satisfied without shifting their perception and taking steps to realize their dreams.

Why choose a path of resistance?

The longing in our hearts is there for a reason. We can deny it, but it remains. If we really want to achieve our dreams, there are easy ways to get started.

Once we realize how simple it can be to take just one step, we often feel empowered to take the next and the next, until suddenly we find ourselves living a life we love!

Ask "THE" Question

There is one simple question that we should be asking ourselves if we want to pursue our dreams. The simple question is:

"What steps can I take with what I have right now to move closer to my dream?"

This may seem like a deceptively simple question but it can be one of the most powerful questions we ask. It helps us move from our current circumstance to the place we want to be.

Furthermore, it is a question we can ask over and over, and the answer will always keep us pointed in the right direction. It's as though it is our compass for our dream.

Even Small Actions Can Have Big Outcomes

Taking inventory of our current situation and the things we can do to move forward is always a valuable exercise. By standing back and looking at even the smallest opportunities we have today, we can ground ourselves and get moving toward our dream.

For example, suppose your dream is to open a bakery. If you have an opportunity to make a cake for a wedding or special event, why not take the chance?

You may not make any money but you are gaining a small amount of exposure and learning things that could help you build your business.

You get the opportunity to have people taste your products and the word can spread quickly if they like what they sample. You can slowly grow the business one cake at a time and become known as the baker with the most beautiful, tastiest cakes in town.

Every day, there are small opportunities to move ourselves closer to our dream life. As these opportunities arise, we want to be sure that we are positioning ourselves to take advantage of them.

Even the smallest actions that move us closer to our goals should be taken. There are never any actions too small if they move us towards our dreams. When we align with our dreams, every step we take gets us further down the road.