01/31/2012 12:18 pm ET Updated Apr 01, 2012

Shifting Back to the 'Human Factor' in the 'Digital Age'

I was dragged into the "Digital" age at the beginning of the 21st century with great expectations and hope. It was clear from the beginning that this new era would be bringing a new paradigm I have only dreamed about, by empowering people to change things and giving a democratic voice to the society as a whole. A new world has been unveiled in front of my anxious eyes and with it, a huge potential to generate economic growth, new jobs and opportunities. I embraced and praised it's entrepreneurship, leadership, technological innovations, social connectivity, freedom of speech, disruptive model, and their successes.

Unfortunately the technological revolution has been too rapid and not always easy to digest. The baby boomers generation, so used to the TV language, which consisted on delivering mostly biased information and very few opportunities for a multi-way communication, had difficulties in catching up and connecting with the Digital era approach. We just didn't have enough time to mentally process and adjust to this new reality. The behavioral and educational gap among different generations has widened dangerously and brought huge communication challenges to both parents and the children of today's world. While some of us are still mesmerized with the fast changes, the new generations have a very reduced attention span and don't seem to be able to focus for more than 11 minutes at a time in one subject.

With all that in mind it is now time to shift our attention back to the 'human factor' that needs to drive the next evolution. We have already empowered humans with the best technology that has ever been seen, so why not start using that tool to drive further changes: changes in the way we employ this technology and also in the way we interact among ourselves? Let's move to a new form of humanism where empathy and compassion are the pillars for the next social revolution. A new dimension where the cyberspace is not solely a tool for information or communication but a base for emotional connectivity, for spiritual leadership, for sharing and caring... Where we have the ability to connect through our hearts, bringing emotions and passions to a better society where individualism, greed and power are replaced by communities, awakened by a collective wish to share new experiences, enjoying together the result of a new form of social gathering that will help the the transformation of the 'Homo Sapiens' into the 'Homo Universalis'. Virtual and real communities that connected, thrive on the same values and equalities, celebrating and sharing success based on human values, empathy and not only on technology or engineering.

As Arianna correctly put it: it is time for the development of a 'GPS for the Soul', time for the new generations to raise to the new challenges as Albert Einstein well said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them ".