01/04/2012 10:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Eyewitness to Auto Arson Explosion...Two Weeks Ago (Photos)

As December wound down... an arsonist or plural set over 40 fires in a hellish night of "street art" vandalism in and around Hollywood -- starting many of the fires by igniting cars.

Weird... on December 18 I was out in my front yard shooting moonrise pictures, an eerie red crescent moon was rising...


On the right there is the moon, but it is about to be a co-star. Look to the left. Okay now look again...



That is a parked car blowing up. I was standing in my front yard and the boom blew off. I did not stick around, btw, I ran in the house and called the heat (pun intended), then cautiously came out and snapped this shot. Then the horn went off and the headlights went on -- I adjusted the camera for this shot...


Parked car explodes, burns, fire department foams out the fire and Huntington Park Tow takes it away.

Next morning I go across the street and take a few shots. The car is gone except for a FORD bubble and a remnant of the rear view mirror. Some melted plastic and minor damage to the building adjacent to the parked car...


Google streetview 2621 E 54th St., 90255 all you want, no clues that I can find.

Was this a trial run or does shit like exploding cars in the middle of the night just happen... or did that red moonrise have anything to do with it?