02/03/2014 05:52 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

As Turmoil Rages in Indiana, Virginia Finally Gets Marriage Hearing (VIDEO)

It's been a chaotic few weeks for marriage equality in some eastern states. A bill in Indiana that would ban marriage equality saw last-minute changes that could either doom it or hasten its passage, and a hearing in Virginia has gone from "yes" to "maybe" to "yes" to "no" to "yes."

It's hard to know whether to be cheered or disheartened by the news in Indiana. The House has passed a ban on marriage equality, but with a last-minute change that removed a ban on civil unions.

It's hard to predict what will happen next. The change could prompt a "reboot" of the process, sending the bill back for approvals that would take another two years, or it could rocket forward to the November 2014 ballot.

Further developments in Indiana are expected this week, and they could shed light on the next steps.

Meanwhile, in Virginia, a judge ruled on Thursday of last week that oral arguments would go ahead. But then snow caused an abrupt closing of the court, pushing the argument to this Tuesday. There's a slim chance the judge could rule from the bench.

Meanwhile, marriage equality continues to progress in other states: A lawsuit survived an initial test in West Virginia, marriage equality in Hawaii is safe from attack, and Utah and Oklahoma cases will go through a rapid appeals process, culminating in April hearings.