06/20/2013 08:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Get Ready for the Supreme Court Ruling on Prop 8 (VIDEO)

With no word from the Supreme Court on Prop 8 today, we now know that the ruling will come sometime next week. And then that's it: the final word, once and for all, on the constitutionality of California's marriage ban.

This case has taken a long time to work its way to a conclusion, and it's taken a complicated path. Fortunately, AFER has put together a "Decision Central" resource that has everything you need to know.

And as soon as the ruling comes, AFER will have a live video feed of major events, a plain-English FAQ, information about the next steps, and how you can take action. It's the definitive word on what's in the ruling and what it means.

The next day that the court can issue decisions is Monday, June 24. So go get some rest, try to relax, and we'll all see each other bright and early on Monday morning.