08/12/2013 03:55 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

More Bad News for the National Organization for Marriage (VIDEO)

There's probably not a lot of cheer in the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) office lately. Not only has their cause lost numerous high-profile court cases and ballot measures in the last year, but now they're under investigation. Again.

This time it's in Iowa, where NOM conducted a (partially failed) campaign to replace all the justices on the state Supreme Court. Despite raising money for the effort, they haven't disclosed their donors. And now the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board has voted unanimously to investigate.

Meanwhile, clever legal maneuvering continues in Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Despite a lawsuit from Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, marriages have continued in Montgomery County. That may soon change, however, with briefs in the case due next week.

And in Tennessee, two couples tried (and failed) to have the state recognize their relationships. That opens the door for future litigation over that state's marriage ban.

Finally this week, we have a new survey in Hawaii. And as is always the case, the survey shows public opinion continuing to move in favor of marriage equality.