08/11/2014 12:52 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Next Wave of Marriage Cases Finally Reaches the Supreme Court (VIDEO)

Marriage-equality cases in three states have finally reached the U.S. Supreme Court, and in the next few weeks that number could increase to as many as 11.

So far, Utah, Oklahoma and Virginia have petitioned the Supreme Court for review of marriage rulings. In all three states, multiple judges have found that marriage-equality bans violate the U.S. Constitution -- in fact, there have been zero losses for the freedom to marry in the last year.

Last week the Sixth Circuit heard oral argument in six more cases, with the court expected to rule promptly within the next few weeks, or possibly even days. Once that decision is released, parties will likely file petitions of their own.

And at the end of August, Indiana and Wisconsin are slated for a combined hearing, which could mean two more cases ready for the Supreme Court by the time its sessions starts this fall.

The Supreme Court generally only hears a small handful of the petitions brought before it. But with so many major marriage rulings in the last year, they are virtually guaranteed to have one or more cases on their docket, with a ruling likely by June 2015.