06/26/2013 12:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prop 8 Is Unconstitutional -- Now What? (VIDEO)

Well, that's all settled at last. Congratulations, California! Get ready for another summer of love.

The overturning of Proposition 8 is a major milestone in American history. It means that the most populous state in the country now has marriage equality. It conforms to over 30 national polls that show that a majority favors the freedom to marry. And it affirms the fundamental American values of freedom, equality and justice.

So what happens now? Lawyers are scrambling to figure out when marriages can start. But there are a lot of other questions to answer too: How do you file your taxes now? What does this mean for immigration? What do employers have to do to comply with the law?

Connect with the American Foundation for Equal Rights to get updates as these questions turn into answers. This isn't the end of the breaking news on Prop 8; we still have a lot of grey area to clear up. Stay tuned to AFER to find out when the next steps become clear.