02/10/2014 02:55 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

The Anti-Gay-Marriage Argument That Just Won't Die (VIDEO)

Last week anti-equality lawyers went back to court in Virginia and filed new briefs in Utah. The common thread that unites them? A reliance on the old, tired argument of "responsible procreation."

It's a mystery why anti-gay lawyers keep using this tactic, since it's failed in one court after another.

We'll soon have a ruling from the court in Virginia, and then AFER's case will head to appeal and then likely to the Supreme Court. In Utah we'll have a hearing in April and a ruling not long thereafter.

Meanwhile, more lawsuits continue to pile up. There's a brand-new one in Wisconsin this week.

And Indiana is rocketing toward a resolution on this year's anti-equality bill. The measure may go to a Senate committee this week, which would reveal its ultimate destination: It'll either go to voters in November or endure at least two more years of legislative procedure -- at the end of which it's passage will be far less likely than it is today.