03/29/2007 12:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

McCain Gets Iraq, Petition Wrong

John McCain's new online petition calls the supplemental funding bill, which includes a deadline for redeploying American troops from Iraq, "surrender." The petition includes a description of what McCain thinks is problematic legislation:

The supplemental appropriations bill that passed the Senate on March 27, calling for a date certain withdrawal from Iraq, is nothing more than a guaranteed date of surrender.

Um, John, the supplemental appropriations bill that passed in the Senate was voted on and approved today, March 29th. You voted against it. Today.

On Tuesday, March 27, the Senate voted down an amendment that would have stripped the supplemental appropriations bill of language relating to the redeployment of troops from Iraq. McCain voted for that amendment. On Tuesday.

John McCain doesn't know when he's voting for what. His petition asks supporters to be wrong with him. It's embarrassing.

Here's a screen capture of McCain's erroneous petition:

Mccain Wrong Date

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