10/19/2013 11:38 pm ET

How to Persuade Airline Employees to Give You Free Upgrades [Video]

Flight upgrades have an urban legend-like status, kind of like dream jobs such as chocolate tasters and video game testers -- everyone has heard vaguely of people fortunate enough to end up in these wonderful-sounding positions, but nobody can actually name a person who has or tell you how they got there.

Employees of practically every airline do, however, upgrade passengers to first-class seats every day as a part of their normal work routine.

"How can I get upgraded?" You may be wondering.

The most effective way to get an upgrade is simply to ask for it.

There is, however, a right way to ask and a wrong way to ask. Today Flight Network (Disclosure: I'm the blog manager for Flight Network) released a video interview with renowned body language and speaking expert Mark Bowden that includes eight tips explaining how a passenger can maximize their chance of getting a free upgrade by using proper body language and positioning themself as a person whom an airline employee would like to reward.

Watch the full video below.

Video by Flight Network