01/14/2014 03:05 pm ET Updated Mar 16, 2014

Critical Reviews of the Text Message "Hy you up?" Sent by Matt Ingebretson at 12:37 a.m.

Geber86 via Getty Images

"Breathtaking... a profound work of subtlety. Bravely written and sent. A must respond text."
-Entertainment Weekly

"Ingebretson achieves heft of meaning and intent without tipping the scales to blunt gaudy texting."
-LA Times

"A text de force"
-San Francisco Chronicle

"Ingebretson's best work since "R yhou doing anything laterr?"
-Washington Post

"Superb, deliciously casual, and cut with a neediness that would come off desperate in the hands of a lesser texter. The great achievement in "Hy you up?" is Ingebretson's ability to mask the deep, achingly personal demons driving the text in informal and to-the-point syntax."
-New York Times

"A religiously intense and meaningful text. My only regret when reading it is not knowing the response, although it's hard to imagine it could have been anything other than, "Yes. Yes! A million times yes."

-Boston Globe

Matt Ingebretson is a writer and comedian. Visit his Tumblr: