10/16/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Senator Obama: Seize this Moment

Senator Obama, seize the day.

The economy is in dire straits. We don't know if our investments are safe. We don't know what's coming next. Our houses are losing value. Our 401ks are losing value. Is the economy going to get worse? Is there anyone who can restore our faith in our government to look out for us in this time of economic crisis?

Barack Obama can and should take this opportunity immediately - not in three days, not next week - immediately - to show he gets it and he's in charge.

Obama should - right now - convene the nation's foremost economic experts. Robert Rubin, former Treasury Secretary, and the man who brilliant led the economy under President Clinton. Importantly, former chairman of Citigroup, who also spent many years at Goldman Sachs; Warren Buffet, Obama supporter. Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor, and Obama's leading economic advisors, many of whom are new on the national scene.

Instead of critizing McCain on economic policy, show what you'd do, Senator Obama. We know McCain's out of touch. But that hasn't been enough to knock him out of the race. People have questions about you and whether you feel their pain.

So take charge. Your campaign is a big ship - show that, despite it's size it is also nimble. Tell the people your plan to save the economy - right now. Not at a debate. Right now. You know what? Ask Bill Clinton to join you - he may very well do it.

Bring together the leaders of the '90's Clinton Administration economy with today's economic leaders. Host a roundtable, air a bit of it, and then have a press conference flanked by your economic team.

Show that you are in charge. Show that you get it. Until the public sees that you get it, you get them, you're not going to seal the deal. Go, seal the deal. Carpe diem. *

*(My mother told me Obama should do all this, and she's right)