07/03/2013 01:10 pm ET Updated Sep 02, 2013

What if We Were All Poets?

Caroline Slavin's question is a little tough to see, but that's ok; her words were crafted to be heard. Her thoughts are to be activated, not gazed upon. What if you closed your eyes and created your own visions of the questions she ponders through the poetry you write in your mind?

What if everyone were overjoyed to explain complex ideas to other people? What if we all sought to find how the familiar and comfortable connects with the strange and uncertain? What if, approaching the world as if we were all poets could unlock a vibrancy within our individual lives that rippled the still water that binds us all?

What makes a poet? The definition is broad, no argument, but there are certain characteristics that are found in all poets. What are these characteristics and what would it mean for the world if everyone were to adopt them? What would happen if everyone seized the creative capacity instilled within each of us? What if we were all poets?

What If We Were All Poets?