01/24/2013 11:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Google Transparency Report Reactions

Bloggers and privacy advocates are responding to Google's latest Transparency Report -- the first to break down how often it receives subpoenas as opposed to warrants for user data. Here's Julian Sanchez of Cato and Trevor Timm on HuffPost Live:

Of related interest: Jill and Scott Kelley in the Washington Post calling for email privacy reform. And Ars Technica explains how Google stands up for its users by requiring law enforcement to get a warrant for content information (as opposed to metadata, which usually only needs a subpoena).

Other links of note:
--Anti-drone legislation advances in Florida.
--FBI not so forthcoming on its interpretation of GPS tracking law.
--Conor Friedersdorf critiques the "ruling elite's" letter of recommendation for John Brennan.
--The NYPD has taken delivery of a passive terahertz wave detector that might be able to spot a gun underneath your clothes. I say might because the technology still sounds mighty experimental.