01/22/2013 11:37 am ET Updated Mar 24, 2013

Morning Links: "Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall"

Welcome to the second term. In his inaugural address yesterday President Obama gave a big shout out to three important civil liberties fights for women, African-Americans, and LGBT people. Here's Hendrik Hertzberg of the New Yorker on the significance of his phrase "through Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall":

Obama's language is generally plainer than that of the three great rhetoricians he gestures to in the above examples. But this last passage was thrilling all by itself.

Other links of note:
--Tom Junod says Obama gave "the speech of a man who has perfected a form of war that can be written off as a kind of peace."
--Spy base photo porn (safe for work, but maybe not for civil liberties) from Wired.
--There's a new trailer out for "The East," a fictional movie produced by Ridley Scott about an ex-FBI going undercover with an anarchist group. But don't forget about all the actual FBI informants going undercover at places like Occupy Cleveland.

1/23: Updated to correct that Ridley Scott produced, not directed, "The East."