12/27/2010 09:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Delta Air Lines Adaptation of Waiting for Godot

Update, 2:50am: Luck with the Delta reservations number. Hopefully this continues for other travelers throughout the day tomorrow.

Stuck inside on the East Coast during what Twitter wags have branded the "snowpocalypse" and looking for a laugh? Delta Airlines has just the thing. Whip out your phone and look up a flight at -- after calling Delta customer service you'll get stuck in a voice message-website infinite loop that has the ring of a well done work of absurdist theater. It's pretty funny, really, unless you're flying Delta.

Don't believe me? Here's a screenshot from today, and the recorded message from Delta's official reservations phone number (800-221-1212).

Note: both are from December 27 before 8pm Eastern time; I will try to update this page if either starts working.

I'm one of the what I can only presume are thousands stuck in the Delta infinte loop. While I generally have above-average patience for customer service waits, the utter cluelessness of the guy on the Delta hotline, and the utter uselessness of, is kind of getting to me this Monday night. I get the feeling that I won't be flying from Indianapolis to LaGuardia any time soon (my original flight was for Sunday... will I make it back for New Year's?), but a little confirmation would be nice.

Twitter followers of @DeltaAssist have reported scattered success with actually getting through to someone who can answer basic questions or rebook flights. As of 8pm Eastern on Monday, that's the only luck I've had so far.