12/22/2014 01:06 pm ET Updated Feb 21, 2015

When Terrorists Win: Sony's Cancellation of Seth Rogen's 'The Interview'

I am truly baffled. I am appalled by the fact that I am actually writing this right now. I remember hearing about the plot for Seth Rogen's comedy, "The Interview" over a year ago and thinking "man, that sounds really funny, maybe a little edgy, but hilarious nonetheless." Not in a million years would I have conceived that cyber-terrorists apparently working on behalf of North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un would successfully attack the studio releasing the film and threaten to attack American audiences who view it.

I say that these terrorists were successful because they simply were. They achieved their intended goal. They kept this film from being released, so that audiences could not see the material in it, which they deemed offensive. This is worse than censorship. It is successful terrorism from a country that used footage from a Call of Duty game as well as the song We Are the World in a propaganda film that was meant to intimidate America. Now that is just bizarre. Actually, this entire scenario seems like it would be the plot of a zany Seth Rogen comedy.

Perhaps in the ultimate "screw you" to North Korea, Seth Rogen could independently release an even more graphic and offensive film which follows the fictional assassination of Kim Jong-un by fictionalized versions of the actual actors Seth Rogen and James Franco. As a matter of fact, Seth Rogen isn't averse to making such films which are self-referential. He did just that with the rather Meta apocalyptic comedy "This Is the End" last year.

The cancellation of the theatrical release of Seth Rogen's "The Interview" is an affront to free speech and a concession to terrorists. There is no other way to view it. Consequently, it is with great pleasure that I share this video on my blog. Undoubtedly the part of the film which would most offend Kim Jong-un and his army of cyber-terrorists is this hilarious and graphic leaked death scene. Every time someone watches or shares this video, the terrorists get less of what they want. If you believe in a world where comedians can make a funny movie about killing a brutal dictator, please enjoy and share this clip from "The Interview".