01/17/2013 12:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Harvard Author Gets "F" in Guerilla Marketing (VIDEO)

There are myriad strategies for selling a book. What first comes to mind are the obvious conventions of book signings, conferences, interviews, TV, radio, blogs, Amazon reviews, and email blasts. These basics have all been fruitful in promoting my recent publication Fearing the Stigmata (Loyola Press 2012).

Yet allow me to introduce an alternative. After exhausting the initial surge of release day buzz/marketing -- take a deep breath and think outside the box. Or in my case, stand upon one.

"Tableau vivant" or just downright crazy? When it comes to breaking through the noise of the busy book publishing ecosystem, I encourage my fellow authors to not be afraid in taking their message to the streets.

For more humorously spiritual musings by Matt Weber, check out his new book "Fearing the Stigmata" (Loyola Press 2012).