08/28/2012 12:32 pm ET Updated Oct 28, 2012

The 30 Funniest Mitt Romney Parodies (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

It's official. This week, the Republican National Convention will nominate Mitt Romney as their candidate for president. Since Romney first announced his "exploratory committee" back in April of last year, he's had more than his share of embarrassing gaffes.

Over the last year and half, Mitt Romney has declared that "corporations are people," tried to make a $10,000 bet with Rick Perry, claimed that he "likes being able to fire people", admitted he's "not concerned about the very poor" and made many, many more unfortunate statements.

All along the way, comedians have been right behind him, offering their own impressions of the man who desperately wants to lead his party and the country. This week's GOP convention will do everything it can to help "define" Mitt Romney for the American people, but based on the videos below, we already know far too much about him.

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The 30 Funniest Mitt Romney Parodies