07/15/2011 02:13 pm ET Updated Sep 14, 2011

The Best Late Night Clips of the Week (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

We started this week with two major scandals rocking either side of the Atlantic. On our side of the pond, there was outrage over the Casey Anthony verdict (as announced here by Jay Leno). On the other side, there's the much more important and far-reaching News of the World phone-hacking controversy (as explained here by Steve Coogan).

That's not even to mention the far more boring but potentially cataclysmic debt ceiling negotiations. And of course, Michele Bachmann is still doing as much damage to her fragile reputation as she can. Overall, the few late night hosts who returned from vacation last week had plenty of horrible s#!t to joke about. More comedy videos at:

The Best Late Night Clips of the Week (July 8, 2011 - July 14, 2011)