06/20/2010 11:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Top 5 Comedy Videos of the Week (via Gotcha Media)

As the vuvuzelas continue to drive us all crazy, the Onion Sports Network got in on the World Cup game with a video that dropped a big bombshell from the world of soccer. This pretty much sums up America's relationship with the world's most popular sport.

Soccer Officially Announces It Is Gay

Monday night in NYC, stars of the web and comedy came together for the Webby Awards ceremony/celebration. The tradition of these young awards is to limit the acceptance speeches by keeping them to five words each. It inevitably becomes an additional competition with winners vying for who can be the wittiest and/or most profound. In my mind, the winner of that contest was Zach Galifianakis, who won the long-form comedy award for Between Two Ferns. This was classic Galifianakis anti-comedy.

It's been a few weeks since the Community season finale, and Mad Men doesn't start for another month, so it was great to see Alison Brie and Rich Sommer together in this irreverent Funny or Die video called "The Committee," presumably the first in a series. It will be hard to top Brie describing her favorite unique sexual positions, but I'll be looking forward to whomever they use next as well.

Last week we saw UCB Comedy make a strong play for the defining comedy video on the BP oil spill. While that video may still reign, College Humor got in the ring this week with this parody of the Domino"s Turnaround campaign. BP could definitely learn something from Domino's about admitting when you're wrong.

And now, here's a special Father's Day message from Louis C.K.

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